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Rainboots in Summer

I find styling rainboots a little bit of a challenge, especially in summer when shorts and boots can get ugly real fast. The other day it was pouring outside but I still needed something to do, so after a quick Starbucks run I headed to the park and snapped some pics on the boardwalk. I must say, the lighting was pretty darn good for a rainy day. 

I ended up sticking to all of my basics to keep the look easy and workable. Skirts and dresses look cute with rainboots but it's shorts that can be the toughest to style.

See other ways that I styled my rainboots {here} and {here}. What do you wear with your rainboots in the summer?


  1. Hey, love the rope bracelet and by the way, you have such pretty scenery around your boardwalk!

  2. I've never been able to pull off rainboots in the summer, but I love this pairing! Plus, I love the color Hunters.


  3. Such a cute outfit! You did a great job styling the rain boots, and you definitely make them work with the shorts! I love the boardwalk backdrop, as well!


  4. Just picked up the J.Crew field jacket in mossy brown and I adore it! Love how you paired yours here and can't wait to wear mine!


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