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My Workout Routine + Attire

Third health post in a row, wooo!! You're probably all thinking I'm turning into a health nut and this is slowly becoming the latest fitness blog. Ha, as if! I might attempt to eat healthy, but that doesn't mean I don't chow down on Skinny Pop and ice cream at night ;) However, I have been exercising a fair amount lately and today I will be sharing my attire and my routine!

I run about 5 times per week, and I typically go for 3 miles. This is a really casual jog that I really only do to get in shape for field hockey. Because I play field hockey in the fall and track in the spring, summer and winter are the only months that I actually need to workout on my own. Running during the summer and then hopping on the elliptical at my gym in the winter seems to work pretty well. I wouldn't say I'm a huge running fanatic, but I don't typically dread my workouts too much.

More on my attire, because I like to do my fair share of field hockey (duh) and a little tennis, I love to sport running skirts. In addition to my collection of athletic shorts, I have a few running skirts which I find just as comfortable and even cuter than a basic pair of norts. I mostly wear regular old t-shirts when I run or go to field hockey practice, but I do sometimes pull myself together and wear a cute workout tank instead.

I partnered with for this post, so make sure to check out this fun workout plan you can do with your dog at home to spice up your routine!

What does your routine consist of?


  1. Hey Frannie! I love your workout outfit! I've been running more too and having cute workout clothing is always the best motivator.


  2. Way to go Frannie on the healthy kick! I love the fact that you look so adorable when you workout. I especially love the skirt! I have a workout skirt that is bright pink from lululemon and it has ruffles on the back … I should wear it more!

    Kira Tabor

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  6. There's nothing wrong with being healthy, as long as it doesn't chew up your lifestyle negatively. You look great in that outfit, Fran. I'm sure your workout routine will feel even fresher with your look. Thanks for sharing that! Take care always! :)

    Isaac Bush @ Orangetheory Fitness


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