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How I Prepared For Exams

Happy Friday! For all of those who are unfortunately suffering through another week of school, in which finals are forced upon you and dreaded, I sympathize for you. Finals bring an abundance of stress and a lot of anxiety and the best way to avoid that is to prepare yourself as best possible. For me, this means making study guides and getting organized. 

Study Guides | I make a study guide based off of the guidelines that each teacher provides me with. I keep the format very consistent so it's easier for my OCD brain to focus ;) I find that organizing things in this way keeps me on task, and it's also easier to see headers and titles of sections of information with a consistent layout so you don't have to remember how you've organized each subject.

Organization | Organization is key during exam week. It is important to make sure you've included all relevant information on your study guides, in addition to being organized so you don't forget things (for example a calculator... I've done that. It's a horrific experience) on the days of your exams. I prefer to color code a lot of my subjects so it's easy to see what I'll need to remember.

{See how I organize my agenda here}

How do you prepare for exams? Good luck!

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  1. I am SOSOSO impressed by your organization system! I'll have to steal some of your tips for next semester! Great post!



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