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Who I Look Up To

After I was contacted by Brilliant Earth, a cool company involved with the African Leadership Academy, and interviewed for a friend's blog, I realized that I really don't know who I look up to in specific. A lot of my friends have their "idol" in life, typically a celebrity or even a fabulous blogger, but I thought about it and there isn't one person I singlehandedly admire. However, there are a few people that I applaud for different reasons...

The Olsen Twins | Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are truly one of a kind, although you may be seeing double. After growing up in the spotlight, they made it out alive and successful amongst the other audacious young stars who seem to have been ruined by the fame. Mary-Kate and Ashley clearly have their priorities straight considering they launched multiple fashion lines and are now top notch designers.

Jackie O | Besides cultivating Lilly P and sporting Jacks wherever she went, Jackie Onassis proved to be a true model of etiquette. From her fashion sense to her demeanor, Jackie never failed to impress with a smile on her face. Jackie taught the important of good manners, because being polite is what truly works out in the end.

Rosa Parks | Rosa Parks might be an interesting addition to this list, but I think Rosa Parks is just beyond intriguing. The fact that she could sit on a bus and say no, I'm not moving, is just phenomenal. What a true inspiration to teach us to stand up for ourselves and to stick to what we believe is right. Seriously, Rosa Parks is clearly the real winner in life because it takes more than a ton of courage to handle a situation like that especially during such a segregated time in our country.

Who do you look up to?

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