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This Week's Top 10

1. FRIDAY! I never thought it would get here. This week felt so long. Yesterday I even spent 12 hours on one homework assignment. Ugh, stats. ~so college~

2. Oh, and I have two midterms on Monday. Back to back!!! Cross your fingers for me.

3. In love with this gingham dress (under $100!)

4. This is the perfect skirt for spring (also under $100!)

5. Absolutely adore this outfit post by Sydney

6. These vacation homes are beautiful and I want to move into the pink one immediately.

7. I updated the shop! So many amazing things for spring in the boutique. I feel like I haven't had a wardrobe refresh in so long and I am craving one. Have you guys gotten anything good lately?

8. Alright... this week on the blog there was a lot of fun stuff:
I finally shared all of my photos from Wynwood Walls in Miami

10. I feel like things have been so crazy and busy lately. I am hoping this weekend I can prepare for my midterms and finally be able to relax come Monday afternoon! Do you have any fun plans?


Graduation Gifts

After sharing the cutest graduation announcements last week, I remembered that one of the most fun posts I wrote last year during the graduation season was about great gifts to give a graduate at her party. When it comes to graduation gifts, I think the perfect memento is tasteful, timeless, and exciting to receive. For new graduates, whether high school or college (even middle school!), this might include a nice piece of jewelry like a simple necklace or pearl earrings, a new wallet, a ladylike fragrance, stationery, and the list goes on...

Weekend in Vermont Recap

After I left Miami I was lucky enough to go on a second spring break, so to speak, to Killington, Vermont with my dad and brother! We had an amazing ski weekend in Killington with perfect weather and the best snow for skiing because of the blizzard earlier that week. I had never skied out east before, only in Utah in the Rocky's and at home in Wisconsin, so this was such a fun experience and I absolutely loved it. I have been skiing since I was in second grade, and I ski with Jack sometimes because he is literally pro, but I love getting to go skiing with my dad and my brother because they love to ski as well.

Spring Break Outfit #2 (Collab!)

Today I am excited to share the second outfit I shot on spring break. I could not stop sharing about the Lilly Pulitzer pants I bought for spring break leading up to my trip, so I knew I was going to have to shoot a look in them when I got to Miami. Like I mentioned, I was without my suitcase on the first day and I bought this top at Anthropologie in the store at Lincoln Center mall. I am in love with the tie straps!

My Favorite Photos from Wynwood Walls

Okay, I know I have definitely drawn out my trip to Wynwood Walls further than I should've... I really was only there for a matter of hours and I have already talked about Wynwood in my outfit collab with Emma, my Miami recap, and on Instagram like five times! Buuuuut, I took so many amazing photos there that I really just can't get myself not to share, so consider this the grand finale of my posts on Wynwood, and enjoy the photos below!

This Week's Top 10

2. Speaking of stripes and ruffles, I also love this dress (under $20 as well!) that I just got too.

3. Did you see my Wynwood Walls outfit collab with Dash of Serendipity on the blog yesterday?! So fun to post with Emma.

5. I am working on my Vermont Recap and I am also thinking of doing a little brunch guide or eating guide for Miami... even though I was only there for a few days I loved the spots I tried.

6. Similarly, would you guys be interested in an updated health post? I was thinking of doing a "what I eat in a day" if you'd be interested!

10. Tomorrow we have our huge St. Fratty's day party all day! I am so excited... What are your plans for the weekend?


Wynwood Walls: Outfit Collab

Today I am excited to start sharing a few photos from my excursion to Wynwood Walls last week Tuesday in Miami! The Wynwood Art District of Miami is such a cool scene with blocks and blocks of painted walls, cool shops and good food. One fun part about going to Miami last week was seeing all of the pretty pictures on Instagram of other bloggers that were also in the area. Although I didn't run into anyone in the city or have time to meet up with anybody, I got to bond a little more with a couple other bloggers who spent their spring break in the same spot. One of my blogging friends, Emma, from a Dash of Serendipity was one of the other bloggers in Miami, so we decided it would be fun to share what each of us wore at Wynwood Walls!

Graduation Season with Minted

Even though I graduated high school last year, I am close with a ton of seniors that will be embarking on their own graduation seasons very soon! Graduation season is so much fun... from planning parties to getting excited about what's to come next, there is also something to look forward to. Of course, there is a lot of stress that comes with that, and I remember one of the most stressful (but exciting!) parts about my own graduation was planning my party. You can read about my graduation party here; it turned out to be one of the most fun days of my whole year!

If you're new around here, I worked for a custom paper store in high school where I made mostly wedding invitations, but I had the opportunity to make my own graduation party invitations. This year, if I were to do it again, I would also want to mail out graduation announcements to people I wasn't inviting to my party! When I discovered Minted, an online paper store, I fell in love with their collection of graduation announcements. Seriously, if you're in the market for invites or graduation announcements, there really couldn't be an easier option out there with incredibly cute styles to choose from!

left column: stripes (also available in foil) // foil "graduate" // collage of photos // floral
middle column: stripes // mint (available in multiple colors) // script "graduate" // circle

Aren't they fabulous? I'm obsessed... kind of makes me look forward to doing it all again in three years! You can see the whole collection here. 

Miami Recap

Oh, wow. I can't believe it's already come and passed and I am back at school to finish out the semester. Time has flown by, and being crazy busy with blogging, traveling, schoolwork, and a sorority has all been piling up. Spring break was so needed... why do I feel like I already could use another one?!

The Best Beach Totes Out There

If there is one thing I wish I would have packed for Miami it would be a beach tote, or some sort of warm-weather bag. I have my tried and true LL Bean tote at home, but I didn't have anything in my dorm that I could bring along. However, I have been seeing so many cute options lately that I had to share in case any of you are heading somewhere warm soon, too. 

Where is your favorite beach tote from?

What I Packed for Miami

I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite things that I packed in my suitcase for Miami. I struggled to pack thinking that there was no way I'd be able to sneak in outfits for palm trees and warm weather, skiing, and St. Patrick's Day all in one bag, but I definitely surprised myself when my suitcase zipped up with ease!

Escaping the cold has been a dream. It was snowing like crazy when I woke up on Friday morning, so heading out of town sounded even better. Here's what I've been sporting under the sun:

Lilly pants (similar here and here) // denim shorts

How has spring break been for all of you guys?!

This Week's Top 10: Off to Miami

1. I'm leaving for Miami this afternoon! So ready for warm weather.

2. To prepare I used this self-tanner the other day. It was my first time using self-tanner and only one coat was really subtle, but also gave me a little glow which I liked.

3. I also recently started using this lip moisturizer and exfoliator and I am loving it.

4. I loved both Caroline and Sammy's life updates on their blogs. I'm bummed I won't see them this spring break while they're together in LA, but at least we will all be somewhere sunny.

5. Speaking of sunny, Meg from a Sunny State of Mind is totally goals when it comes to healthy eating for girls in high school/college.

6. I want these wedges so badly. I have the bootie version and they're so comfortable, so I think an investment in the wedges might be necessary...

7. Yesterday I had an extra hour to get ready in the morning (not sure if I've mentioned I'm a major morning person and wake up before 7 AM naturally very regularly..) and I curled my hair, which surprisingly only took about 10 minutes. I get a little better at curling each time I do it, and I love the way it turned out! Let me know if you'd want to see a tutorial!

8. So far, I haven't been too bad with my Lenten promise! I gave up snacking and sweets and I have been pretty good about it!! If I get hungry and need a snack I've opted for an apple (even once I had a ripe avocado in my room and devoured that!) which I think doesn't count as cheating... I'm now going to start working on making my main meals a little smaller because I've noticed my mentality is just to stuff myself during lunch or dinner because I'm thinking about how I won't be able to snack later, but I don't really want to keep doing that. On the bright side, hopefully this helps cure my sweet tooth a little bit!

9.  If you have any Miami Beach recs, send them my way!! Tomorrow I just know we are gonna need some avo toast and iced coffees, so I'm all ears for brunch spots #typical

10. Happy spring break to all of you!! Are you heading anywhere?


Stripes and Gingham Under $100

When spring rolls around it officially becomes the perfect time to break out the best color combination: blue and white. I'm a sucker for stripes and gingham anything, and there are so many cute options that I've found this year! A ton of them would be so cute for a spring break trip, especially this bikini. Fortunately, stripes and gingham come in pretty shades of pink (in love with this dress!) and red as well.

I shared this photo on Instagram last week when the weather was over 70 degrees (ugh, please come back!) and you can find my dress here. There is also a romper version of the dress that is just as cute!

Shop more stripes and gingham below, all for under $100.


I'm Back: Life Recap

HELLO!! I want to apologize first off for taking off over an entire week of blogging. Let me preface this by saying this blog post is coming to you from a lovely school library computer that works faster than my Macbook Pro has ever worked in the last.... year? It's a frustration to say the least.

Let's start at the beginning because I want to catch you all up, and hopefully you'll leave a comment down below with what's new with all of you as well! This is always more fun when things work like a two-way street, and I've especially missed your comments and emails since I've been MIA this past week.

So... Where have I been? What have I been up to? On Thursday I was in class on my laptop when it froze up and the horrible little spinning wheel would not stop spinning. However, it was frozen for longer than usually and I decided it would be faster just to restart my laptop than keep waiting. When my laptop came to turn back on in the restart, instead of the Apple popping up it was a blinking folder with a question mark, what Apple Support later told me meant that my computer couldn't find it's hard drive. Ummm.... My laptop basically told me I had four different ways to restore it. How fun does that sound?!

Luckily, the majority of my schoolwork was already completed and I didn't need my laptop that badly for the weekend. I had two tests last Monday and one on Wednesday, plus I had already finished a lot of my homework because Jack was coming Thursday night! Oh, did I mention I was also crazy busy heading up to the APhi house everyday to get my big little baskets?!

Thursday afternoon after a few hours on the phone with Apple (always a pleasure), I borrowed a friend's car and drove out to Newark Airport to pick up Jack!!!! Okay can I just real quick say that I know Bethlehem, PA isn't the most exciting place, but this drive was actually beautiful. I've done the drive a few times with my parents when visiting/moving into Lehigh, but it had always been at night when it was dark out. I had missed the Delaware river, mountains, and all of the trees and scenery. It was a pretty enjoyable hour~ in the car by myself. And, let's be real, what college student doesn't miss driving and blasting their own music in the car?

After getting Jack from the airport we went back to Lehigh and I showed him around a bit. We had a chill night on Thursday because we were both super tired (he had to wake up at 4:30 AM!) and then did more fun things on Friday. I had class Friday morning, but we got brunch after and then I showed him around more of my school.

Friday night was Big/Little Reveal (!!!) and I met my TWIN, big, big big, gg big, and my ggg big (the one who just graduated!) all on Friday night. It was so much fun and Jack got to tag along to the party as well. Omg.... I looooove my lineage ;)

-- I plan to do a separate post that is just an Alpha Phi update. Let me know if you'd like something like that! --

Saturday, Jack and I went to New York and surprise, surprise, we didn't miss our bus! We actually planned to take an 8:45 AM but due to the events of the evening we opted for the 11 AM instead, lol. We arrived in New York around 1 and went to one of my favorite brunch spots, Little Collins! If you haven't been to Little Collins, it's located in Midtown and it's tiny but does their little menu perfectly. Oh, and they serve coffee in glass cups. It's so cute. I wrote about it here also!

I, of course, got the avocado toast (I love it there, that's what made me want to go back on Saturday morning!) and Jack got this french toast with butterscotch banana thing... It was so good. I was also a little bit jealous that his brunch order was prettier than mine. Not gonna lie.

We went to my aunt's apartment after to hang out with her and help make dinner. You might've seen my Snapchats cooking and hanging out Saturday afternoon! Later Saturday night, Jack and I went to the top of the Empire State Building! Touristy, yes. Worth it? Also a major yes. It was crazy windy (we're talking like going outside on the 86th floor and being scared of legitimately blowing away) but the night time view was really pretty. We had gone to the top of the Freedom Tower in August during the day, so it was cool to get a different view of New York!

After the Empire State we continued to explore until ~1 AM. We walked around Koreatown, attempted to find a taco place still open, failed, and then went back to the apartment!

Jack had to leave pretty early on Sunday, so I got myself a good old New York Bagel and did a long walk around Central Park before I had to go back to school. I also grabbed an acai bowl a few hours later for the bus because I couldn't resist! I had to be back at school at 4:15 for initiation on Sunday, and my bus arrived at 4:12. So stressful.

Sunday night was initiation and catching up on some work and studying for a test I had yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I went to the Apple Store and they were able to reconnect my hard drive to the cable (?). My laptop is finally on and alive and I am so thankful for the Genius Bar! Still slow, but nothing more I can do. I'm just glad it's working!!

Friday I am off to Miami with my best friend, but I also have to pack for Vermont at the end of Spring Break! I really am so excited for some sunshine and warm weather. What are your plans?

Sorry for the rambling; happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading, as always.
Missed you guys!!!