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Spring Break Outfit #2 (Collab!)

Today I am excited to share the second outfit I shot on spring break. I could not stop sharing about the Lilly Pulitzer pants I bought for spring break leading up to my trip, so I knew I was going to have to shoot a look in them when I got to Miami. Like I mentioned, I was without my suitcase on the first day and I bought this top at Anthropologie in the store at Lincoln Center mall. I am in love with the tie straps!

This outfit was shot the night of the afternoon where I got my horrible sunburn, so wearing something all-around flowy and comfortable was a must. I didn't even have to wear shoes on this trip up to our rooftop for the sunset where these photos were taken. It actually started raining a bit in the middle of our sunset-watching, so please excuse that the camera quality got a little fuzzy.

One more fun thing: today's post is another outfit collab! I did an outfit collab sharing an outfit from break the other day (you can see it here), and today I am excited to collaborate with Sophie from By Sophia Lee, on of my fellow Wisconsin blogger friends, to share a spring outfit!



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