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This Week's Top 10

1. FRIDAY! I never thought it would get here. This week felt so long. Yesterday I even spent 12 hours on one homework assignment. Ugh, stats. ~so college~

2. Oh, and I have two midterms on Monday. Back to back!!! Cross your fingers for me.

3. In love with this gingham dress (under $100!)

4. This is the perfect skirt for spring (also under $100!)

5. Absolutely adore this outfit post by Sydney

6. These vacation homes are beautiful and I want to move into the pink one immediately.

7. I updated the shop! So many amazing things for spring in the boutique. I feel like I haven't had a wardrobe refresh in so long and I am craving one. Have you guys gotten anything good lately?

8. Alright... this week on the blog there was a lot of fun stuff:
I finally shared all of my photos from Wynwood Walls in Miami

10. I feel like things have been so crazy and busy lately. I am hoping this weekend I can prepare for my midterms and finally be able to relax come Monday afternoon! Do you have any fun plans?


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  1. love this roundup!! and I like really need one of those vacation homes in my life.


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