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This Week's Top 10: Off to Miami

1. I'm leaving for Miami this afternoon! So ready for warm weather.

2. To prepare I used this self-tanner the other day. It was my first time using self-tanner and only one coat was really subtle, but also gave me a little glow which I liked.

3. I also recently started using this lip moisturizer and exfoliator and I am loving it.

4. I loved both Caroline and Sammy's life updates on their blogs. I'm bummed I won't see them this spring break while they're together in LA, but at least we will all be somewhere sunny.

5. Speaking of sunny, Meg from a Sunny State of Mind is totally goals when it comes to healthy eating for girls in high school/college.

6. I want these wedges so badly. I have the bootie version and they're so comfortable, so I think an investment in the wedges might be necessary...

7. Yesterday I had an extra hour to get ready in the morning (not sure if I've mentioned I'm a major morning person and wake up before 7 AM naturally very regularly..) and I curled my hair, which surprisingly only took about 10 minutes. I get a little better at curling each time I do it, and I love the way it turned out! Let me know if you'd want to see a tutorial!

8. So far, I haven't been too bad with my Lenten promise! I gave up snacking and sweets and I have been pretty good about it!! If I get hungry and need a snack I've opted for an apple (even once I had a ripe avocado in my room and devoured that!) which I think doesn't count as cheating... I'm now going to start working on making my main meals a little smaller because I've noticed my mentality is just to stuff myself during lunch or dinner because I'm thinking about how I won't be able to snack later, but I don't really want to keep doing that. On the bright side, hopefully this helps cure my sweet tooth a little bit!

9.  If you have any Miami Beach recs, send them my way!! Tomorrow I just know we are gonna need some avo toast and iced coffees, so I'm all ears for brunch spots #typical

10. Happy spring break to all of you!! Are you heading anywhere?



  1. I love the wedges. Steve Madden makes an identical pair for $60.


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