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Miami Recap

Oh, wow. I can't believe it's already come and passed and I am back at school to finish out the semester. Time has flown by, and being crazy busy with blogging, traveling, schoolwork, and a sorority has all been piling up. Spring break was so needed... why do I feel like I already could use another one?!

 Instagram has always been super fun for me, so I totally lucked out with some cool spots and fun things to do in Miami to photograph. I may have gone a little overboard, but you can't blame me!

I flew out to Miami last Friday afternoon after I finished my classes, but the trip, of course, couldn't have been a typical trip in my book without a little turbulence (see what I did there?! ;) I was scheduled to fly from school to Philly, and Philly to Miami. However, my first flight was delayed on the runway for two hours and I ended up missing my connection. Somehow I scored the last seat on a later flight to Miami and made it in around 1 AM (instead of 8 PM).

^ our hotel pool view from the roof, and the cute lobby!

Saturday is when the trip really began. Let me preface this by saying when you go on your first college spring break alone with your best friend in a city you're both unfamiliar with, you're bound to make some strange memories. We ate avocados everyday, got way too sunburned, and often found ourselves in an Uber Pool with people who didn't speak English. It was pretty fun :)

Saturday morning we started our day with avocado toast from the Icebox Cafe. I think this was my favorite avocado toast of the whole trip, and if I'm not wrong, we had avo toast five times!

Saturday after brunch we went shopping at Lincoln Center Mall, where I bought this top from Anthropologie, fell in love with everything at Madewell, and scored a few fun things from Zara. I had to shop, in my defense, because during the mayhem of my flight on Friday I was without my suitcase!

We eventually went back to our hotel and hung out on the roof, relaxed, and enjoyed the view for a few hours before venturing out to see the sunset and grab dinner. We got tacos for dinner from a really cool spot called Bodega, which we later learned people love not only for the tacos (which are a 10/10) but for the secret bar in the back!

Sunday was another big brunch day, and then turned out to be a beach day as well! Funny story... it was super overcast Sunday morning and I would not stop complaining about how I needed a tan. We ended up going to the beach despite the clouds, and I immediately fell asleep once I laid down (it's a habit). When I woke up, it was so sunny outside, and I was extremely sunburned. For the rest of the trip I was in so much pain I could hardly move, and as I write this blog post I am peeling terribly. Wear sunscreen you guys, speaking from firsthand experience you don't want this.

Sunday we had another fun rooftop evening and tried to revive ourselves from what honestly was probably some sort of mild sun poisoning. We had a late dinner, splitting a Margherita pizza which was fab. Such an easy night out!

Monday was a really fun day. Overall, my favorite day of the trip was Tuesday because we ventured into main Miami and off Miami Beach/South Beach where we had spent the weekend and where our hotel was. But, Monday was a fun day full of exploring South Beach.

We started off with dragonfruit smoothie bowls (!!!) from Under the Mango Tree, and then walked up Ocean Drive through the park by the beach until we reached the Betsy Hotel. Ugh, such a gorgeous hotel. We hung out for a bit on the roof and got inspired to continue to explore some South Beach hotels and see the view from many rooftops and and pretty pools. Monday was just a lot of exploring, but we returned to our hotel to hang out by our own pool (towel covering me the whole time, ugh) for a few hours. We were pretty exhausted from the heat and walking around that we ordered room service and watched the Bachelor.

My favorite day, as I mentioned, was Tuesday in Wynwood, Miami. We woke up early to get donuts from the Salty Donut and take photos at the Wynwood Walls! We took so many amazing photos that I will be posting about Wynwood Walls separately very soon.

Eventually we went back to Miami Beach and returned to our hotel for the last sunset on the roof. We got a late dinner of avocado toast (lol, duh) and a salad and did a final walk up from South Beach before getting to bed. We flew out to Rhode Island Wednesday morning, and I will be sure to get a recap up soon of the rest of my trip!

Where did you venture for spring break? I'd love to hear about your trips!


  1. Such cute photos! Did you take these with your phone or camera?! You should do a photography tips post.

  2. Miami looks like so much fun- all of your pictures are amazing!



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