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Graduation Gifts

After sharing the cutest graduation announcements last week, I remembered that one of the most fun posts I wrote last year during the graduation season was about great gifts to give a graduate at her party. When it comes to graduation gifts, I think the perfect memento is tasteful, timeless, and exciting to receive. For new graduates, whether high school or college (even middle school!), this might include a nice piece of jewelry like a simple necklace or pearl earrings, a new wallet, a ladylike fragrance, stationery, and the list goes on...

For my graduation I got concert tickets, a new laptop case, an amazing vacation to Maine, and my graduation party from my parents! From friends and family, I was also lucky to receive some smaller things that were just as sweet. 

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for gifts both big and small:

stationery // pearl earrings // fragrance
wallet // notebook // monogrammed necklace
luggage // coffee table book // laptop sleeve // watch



  1. These are all so cute! I love that suitcase and also think classic jewelry is a great graduation gift!


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  3. A perfume can be a great gift for any occasion especially for a girl. The graduation party with a great gift like perfumes will be more memorable than any other gifts. Thanks for sharing your this post.

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