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I'm Back: Life Recap

HELLO!! I want to apologize first off for taking off over an entire week of blogging. Let me preface this by saying this blog post is coming to you from a lovely school library computer that works faster than my Macbook Pro has ever worked in the last.... year? It's a frustration to say the least.

Let's start at the beginning because I want to catch you all up, and hopefully you'll leave a comment down below with what's new with all of you as well! This is always more fun when things work like a two-way street, and I've especially missed your comments and emails since I've been MIA this past week.

So... Where have I been? What have I been up to? On Thursday I was in class on my laptop when it froze up and the horrible little spinning wheel would not stop spinning. However, it was frozen for longer than usually and I decided it would be faster just to restart my laptop than keep waiting. When my laptop came to turn back on in the restart, instead of the Apple popping up it was a blinking folder with a question mark, what Apple Support later told me meant that my computer couldn't find it's hard drive. Ummm.... My laptop basically told me I had four different ways to restore it. How fun does that sound?!

Luckily, the majority of my schoolwork was already completed and I didn't need my laptop that badly for the weekend. I had two tests last Monday and one on Wednesday, plus I had already finished a lot of my homework because Jack was coming Thursday night! Oh, did I mention I was also crazy busy heading up to the APhi house everyday to get my big little baskets?!

Thursday afternoon after a few hours on the phone with Apple (always a pleasure), I borrowed a friend's car and drove out to Newark Airport to pick up Jack!!!! Okay can I just real quick say that I know Bethlehem, PA isn't the most exciting place, but this drive was actually beautiful. I've done the drive a few times with my parents when visiting/moving into Lehigh, but it had always been at night when it was dark out. I had missed the Delaware river, mountains, and all of the trees and scenery. It was a pretty enjoyable hour~ in the car by myself. And, let's be real, what college student doesn't miss driving and blasting their own music in the car?

After getting Jack from the airport we went back to Lehigh and I showed him around a bit. We had a chill night on Thursday because we were both super tired (he had to wake up at 4:30 AM!) and then did more fun things on Friday. I had class Friday morning, but we got brunch after and then I showed him around more of my school.

Friday night was Big/Little Reveal (!!!) and I met my TWIN, big, big big, gg big, and my ggg big (the one who just graduated!) all on Friday night. It was so much fun and Jack got to tag along to the party as well. Omg.... I looooove my lineage ;)

-- I plan to do a separate post that is just an Alpha Phi update. Let me know if you'd like something like that! --

Saturday, Jack and I went to New York and surprise, surprise, we didn't miss our bus! We actually planned to take an 8:45 AM but due to the events of the evening we opted for the 11 AM instead, lol. We arrived in New York around 1 and went to one of my favorite brunch spots, Little Collins! If you haven't been to Little Collins, it's located in Midtown and it's tiny but does their little menu perfectly. Oh, and they serve coffee in glass cups. It's so cute. I wrote about it here also!

I, of course, got the avocado toast (I love it there, that's what made me want to go back on Saturday morning!) and Jack got this french toast with butterscotch banana thing... It was so good. I was also a little bit jealous that his brunch order was prettier than mine. Not gonna lie.

We went to my aunt's apartment after to hang out with her and help make dinner. You might've seen my Snapchats cooking and hanging out Saturday afternoon! Later Saturday night, Jack and I went to the top of the Empire State Building! Touristy, yes. Worth it? Also a major yes. It was crazy windy (we're talking like going outside on the 86th floor and being scared of legitimately blowing away) but the night time view was really pretty. We had gone to the top of the Freedom Tower in August during the day, so it was cool to get a different view of New York!

After the Empire State we continued to explore until ~1 AM. We walked around Koreatown, attempted to find a taco place still open, failed, and then went back to the apartment!

Jack had to leave pretty early on Sunday, so I got myself a good old New York Bagel and did a long walk around Central Park before I had to go back to school. I also grabbed an acai bowl a few hours later for the bus because I couldn't resist! I had to be back at school at 4:15 for initiation on Sunday, and my bus arrived at 4:12. So stressful.

Sunday night was initiation and catching up on some work and studying for a test I had yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I went to the Apple Store and they were able to reconnect my hard drive to the cable (?). My laptop is finally on and alive and I am so thankful for the Genius Bar! Still slow, but nothing more I can do. I'm just glad it's working!!

Friday I am off to Miami with my best friend, but I also have to pack for Vermont at the end of Spring Break! I really am so excited for some sunshine and warm weather. What are your plans?

Sorry for the rambling; happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading, as always.
Missed you guys!!!


  1. LOVE this post and hearing about your adventures!!

  2. You should do update posts with what's going on in your life more often. I do them on my blog. They're a Friday feature called Step Into My Week.


  3. Yaaaaaas love to hear MORE about Aphi! Young, wild and PHI. Envy the Ivy girl. AOE

  4. I love these beautiful spring looks! The lace coverup is my favorite! I am also in need of a clothing overhaul. You look fabulous!


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