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This Week's Top 10: Back to School

1. Friday!!! And the end of August!!! To say this summer flew by would be an understatement, but don't we always feel that way? I had a four month summer, so I guess it's only fair to say that I am ready to head back to school. I go back on Sunday for my junior year!

2. After two weeks of back-to-back traveling, I'm home for the next 48 hours until school. I spontaneously visited my friends at Lehigh on the last day of my trip to New York just for fun and I am so glad I did. I hadn't been back since I transferred freshman year but it felt good to see the campus and be there one more time.

3. Luckily we have Labor Day on Monday, because this long weekend is necessary. I'll be spending my first days back in Madison just getting my sh*t together and tackling my school inbox that has been staring me down all summer... ugh.

Back to School with Hunter Boots

In just one week from today I'll be kicking off my junior year of college at the University of Wisconsin. How did that happen?! I feel like just yesterday I was starting my junior year of high school, and suddenly another four years have flown by. This year something I am very excited about for the school year is using the coolest Hunter backpack for class.

Part II: Birthday in Palm Beach RECAP

Welcome to Part II of my Palm Beach birthday recap! Today I am sharing everything I did on my actual birthday, which was the 20th. Turning 20 on my 20th made this year extra special (golden!) and the day was perfect from start to finish.

Part I: Palm Beach Weekend RECAP

Hi!!!!! I am so excited for today's post to share everything I did last weekend in Palm Beach for my birthday (how was that already a week ago?!). I had such a fun time with my Dad-- he seriously never fails to plan (or lack-thereof... that's what I love so much about our trips) an amazing vacation. Every minute was so perfect that I want to make this an annual trip! In this part of my recap I am going to share everything we did on Saturday and Sunday, and then tomorrow in Part II I will share what we did on my actual birthday!

This Week's Top 10

I took this photo at the Aerin store in Palm Beach-- it's so gorgeous!

1. Hellooo and happy Friday! This week went by so quickly... my birthday on Monday, heading back from Palm Beach on Tuesday, taking a spontaneous day trip to Madison on Wednesday, doing nothing yesterday, and now off to New York tomorrow!! Whew!

2. This week on the blog I did a few back to school posts, including my advice for college freshman and back-to-school clothing essentials. Also shared 20 facts about me on Monday for my birthday, and an updated summer reading post yesterday!

3. I've been seeing so much on Instagram lately about cupping and I'm really considering it-- have you ever tried it?!

Summer Reading Update

I'm officially back from Palm Beach and excited to have a few days to be productive before leaving for New York on Saturday. I've read six books since I last shared an update on what I'm reading, so I wanted to give an update on the books I've finished and how I liked each of them! As always, my reads are on my Goodreads page, ranked, reviewed (most of the time) and in order!

Back to School Clothing Essentials

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Hi guys! I hope your week is going well-- I know a lot of people are already starting classes this week and that's so crazy to me, I still have two weeks from today! That said, I thought it would be perfect timing to share my top clothing essentials for us college gals. I've included my staple pieces for class, going out, and just lounging around or hitting the library (ew, not looking forward to that again).

College Advice

I think it's funny being a blogger when you're asked to give advice about something you really have no hold on. One of the most asked questions I've gotten recently when using the new question feature on Instagram (which I think is so fun) asks something along the lines of "what advice would you give to college freshman?" If you can't tell, I didn't exactly have an ideal freshman year given that I transferred, and to this day I still don't know what my major is, my friend group is entirely girls I know from high school, and did I mention I have no idea what I'm doing?

My Golden Birthday + 20 Facts About Me

with my mom, celebrating my first birthday

I can't believe today I am officially "in my twenties" and it's my golden birthday!!! Usually birthdays aren't a big deal for me, but because this is my golden birthday and it marks a new decade, it just feels extra special. I am currently in Palm Beach celebrating with my dad who planned a surprise for tonight that I cannot wait for! The last time he planned a surprise it was a private sailboat ride during sunset around Boothbay Harbor, Maine when I went with him, my brother, and my boyfriend for my 18th birthday. To this day, that is probably my favorite memory of my whole life. Soo... I guess you could say I have high expectations! I thought it would be fun to share 20 random facts about me, because, why not? Enjoy!

This Week's Top 10: 10 Pieces I'm Packing

I leave tomorrow at 6 AM for my birthday vacation to Palm Beach, and I really am so excited to celebrate with my dad (who I haven't seen since May!) and take a few days just to relax and unwind. Since my internship ended last week I almost feel like I've been busier, tackling things I hadn't been able to when I was at work all day and tired afterward. I am looking forward to doing nothing for a few days, celebrating my ~golden~ birthday (20!) on Monday, and getting a little tan (or, more likely, a major sunburn) before school starts soon. Instead of a typical top 10, I thought it would be fun to share 10 pieces I'm packing for the trip!

Life Lately: ZBB Concert + Apartment Progress

Happy Tuesday friends! I've had an exciting past few days and wanted to write a little update on what I've been up to! I always think back to six and a half years ago when I started my blog (insane) and used to post about whatever I was doing or what was on my mind, and I think it's fun to come full circle and still do that kind of thing now too.

How to Balance Life in College

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cengage Unlimited. The opinions and text are all mine.

Heading into my junior year of college and first year in the business school (where I'll finally start taking relevant classes to my major!) I'm already stressed about how I'm going to balance my social life with school, a job, blogging, exercising, and breathing all year.

Decor Finds Under $100!

Hi everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start! I unfortunately didn't plan a ton of content for this week, but I hate being so quiet on here so I thought I'd just pop on and share some recent decor finds. If you've been keeping up around here recently, decorating my new apartment has been top of mind for me, and I've been shopping around trying to find the best affordable decor pieces.

This Week's Top 10

1. I'm moving into my new apartment today!! I can't wait to fill my new space and start planning out how I want it to look for the rest of the year. Just to clarify-- I'm not actually heading back to school for about a month, I'm just moving up some furniture and decor today to get a little reminder of what my apartment looks like (we toured it so long ago!).

2. Tuckernuck is currently having 25% off everything!!! This is huge considering how rare their sales are. My everyday Ray-Bans are included, along with the perfect summer wedges and this crisp, classic shirtdress, to name a few favorites.

3. I ordered this cute straw bag (just $25! such a steal!) for my upcoming trip to Palm Beach. On the same note, I can't stop thinking about this dress for the trip and might need to pull the trigger on it... thoughts?

July Favorites

August! My favorite month of the year is here and I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. I'm moving into my apartment on Friday, finishing up my internship next week, visiting Palm Beach for my golden birthday on the 20th, and then heading to New York for the last week of the month. July was quick, but I enjoyed having my brother at home for the month before sending him off to Chile on Monday.