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This Week's Top 10

I took this photo at the Aerin store in Palm Beach-- it's so gorgeous!

1. Hellooo and happy Friday! This week went by so quickly... my birthday on Monday, heading back from Palm Beach on Tuesday, taking a spontaneous day trip to Madison on Wednesday, doing nothing yesterday, and now off to New York tomorrow!! Whew!

2. This week on the blog I did a few back to school posts, including my advice for college freshman and back-to-school clothing essentials. Also shared 20 facts about me on Monday for my birthday, and an updated summer reading post yesterday!

3. I've been seeing so much on Instagram lately about cupping and I'm really considering it-- have you ever tried it?!

4. The jumpsuit I wore on my birthday could not have been more perfect for the occasion!

5. I'm so excited to use this backpack at school this year. 

6. This pennant is my latest obsession in my room at school!

7. I got my first powder dipped manicure before Palm Beach and my nails still look perfect!! I can not recommend it enough.

8. This Aerin Lauder fragrance has been on my wishlist forever, so I was so excited to purchase and wear it on my birthday. 

9. I picked up my first piece from the Who What Wear Collection at Target last week and I love it.

10. What are your plans for the weekend? I have a ton of errands to do today and packing to accomplish before my flight tomorrow, but I'd love to hear if you have anything excited going on with you, too!


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