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This Week's Top 10: 10 Pieces I'm Packing

I leave tomorrow at 6 AM for my birthday vacation to Palm Beach, and I really am so excited to celebrate with my dad (who I haven't seen since May!) and take a few days just to relax and unwind. Since my internship ended last week I almost feel like I've been busier, tackling things I hadn't been able to when I was at work all day and tired afterward. I am looking forward to doing nothing for a few days, celebrating my ~golden~ birthday (20!) on Monday, and getting a little tan (or, more likely, a major sunburn) before school starts soon. Instead of a typical top 10, I thought it would be fun to share 10 pieces I'm packing for the trip!

banana leaves bikini top + bottoms // Katie Kime was so sweet to send me this cute suit for my trip! The print couldn't be more fitting, and the shape makes it incredibly flattering. 

oversized sun hat // I ordered this on a whim from J. Crew because I know I might need a big sun hat to keep my face safe once I'm there and undoubtedly overexposed to the sun within a matter of hours. 

denim backless jumpsuit // my birthday suit!! I am so excited to wear this at some point during the trip because it is truly such a comfortable and flattering piece, and you really can't say that about many jumpsuits!

platform espadrilles // I was so excited when I saw this cute pair of espadrilles went on sale! I was looking for a simple summer sandal that was a little more on the dressy side, and this pretty blush pair went on sale under $50 making them a no-brainer to bring along.

white lace-up one piece // so excited to wear this. I've linked a similar suit since I got this particular one from Zara and their website is really annoying. Mine is backless and I absolutely love the fit.

round straw bag // chatted a little more about this bag in this post-- it was such a steal at $25 and I love it! It really goes with everything and it's such a perfect summer bag.

zodiac gold necklace // this necklace is my new favorite and I can't get enough of it. Plus, what better accessory for celebrating a birthday than with a zodiac necklace?

pink striped one piece // another spontaneous purchase from J. Crew because this suit was on sale for way too good of a deal, and I have a feeling it'll match the pink hotel I'm staying at just perfectly.

blue plunge one piece // You. Guys. If there is one piece on here I'm most excited about, it's a toss up between this and the jumpsuit. This one piece is hands-down the most flattering and comfy swimsuit ever. It's only $30, but the material is so thick and feels so good... I just love it.

bow back one piece // how darling is this? I ordered it in navy, though. What trip to Florida can't use more swimsuits?!
Have a great weekend!! Do you have any fun plans?


  1. Love, love, love that blue plunge swimsuit-that color is stunning!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    1. Thanks girl! It's seriously so comfortable, I love it!

  2. Love Aerie swimsuits, especially in that amazing blue color! Happy birthday girlie <3

    1. Thanks, Victoria! This is my first Aerie suit and it did not disappoint.

      xo, Fran


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