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Back to School Clothing Essentials

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Hi guys! I hope your week is going well-- I know a lot of people are already starting classes this week and that's so crazy to me, I still have two weeks from today! That said, I thought it would be perfect timing to share my top clothing essentials for us college gals. I've included my staple pieces for class, going out, and just lounging around or hitting the library (ew, not looking forward to that again).

barbour jacket // I originally got my Barbour jacket right before I started college two years ago, and it is absolutely the best jacket for school. When it's a little chilly it's perfect, when it's freezing, I add in my liner, and it's still perfect. When it rains (unless it's a complete downpour), it keeps you dry, and when you're having a super rough day wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, it makes you look pulled together and really, really cute. It's worth every penny!!

blazer // For days when you have a presentation, or you have a fair to attend, or something important to do, a blazer you love (but still represents a little bit of your personal style!) will take you a long way. How chic is this gold button option?! It's under $100!

comfy sweater // Comfortable sweaters are essential! They're perfect for class and they go with every kind of outfit combo.

moto jacket + bodysuit // Maybe this isn't for everyone, but I have a leather moto jacket that is absolutely the perfect piece for going out during the colder months. It goes with everything (admittedly, I frequent the all-black ensemble when I'm going out) and it gives off the perfect going-out vibes. I also love a good bodysuit for nights out because they're comfortable, really flattering (if you get a good one! -- this cute ruffle strap option is just $30) and perfect with high waisted jeans and booties.

simple sweatshirts // Ah... the college aesthetic. Champion sweatshirts just look cool and they're the best way to be extra comfy and still stylish on days when you're feeling lazy for class. During the late fall and winter months, my outfits for class usually consist of a sweatshirt, jeans or leggings, a baseball cap, cool sneakers, and a jacket. Somehow it looks good and requires zero effort!

calvin klein bralette // this is pretty specific, but I love my Calvin Klein bralettes and definitely consider them a staple. All of my friends and I have them and love them! I consider these a college staple mainly because when you're lounging around or heading to the library for a study session, you just want to be comfortable, so these are the perfect compromise between looking put together and being really, really comfy. Not only are they comfortable, but they're cute, and they make wearing a bra mindless (which it should be!).

rain jacket // somehow I'm one of few of my friends who actually has a rain jacket, and I can't tell you how much I recommend everyone get one. When it rains, it pours, and if you don't have a rain jacket to wear to far away classes, you're kind of SOL. My rainjacket has saved me many times and I love it!!!

high waisted jeans & high-waisted leggings + basic t-shirts + sneakers //
staples for class! Self explanatory.

denim skirt // I can't tell you how often I wear my denim skirt! Between game days, going out, and occasionally to class, it gets lots of wear and never fails.

booties // Black booties are my shoe of choice when I go out. I recommend getting a pair that will hold up to get you through the unpredictable events of your evenings, but that you won't be upset about throwing out at the end of the year when they are inevitably destroyed ;)

What are your college clothing essentials?

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