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July Favorites

August! My favorite month of the year is here and I have a feeling it's going to be a good one. I'm moving into my apartment on Friday, finishing up my internship next week, visiting Palm Beach for my golden birthday on the 20th, and then heading to New York for the last week of the month. July was quick, but I enjoyed having my brother at home for the month before sending him off to Chile on Monday.

L I S T E N I N G // I can't get enough of the playlist I shared this past month. Smino's entire album blkswn is incredible, and I surprised myself by falling in love with Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar's music this month. Check out the playlist here.

E X E R C I S I N G // This month again I was pretty good about keeping up with my goal to run 3 times a week by waking up before my internship, but I never followed through with my goal to incorporate more strength / non-cardio exercise into my routine. Tonight I might go to a class at my gym to get into this habit! I also got new running shoes last week (the same size/style I have been wearing for over four years now, but I always get a different color combo), and yesterday was my first time running in them... ugh, I forgot the struggle of good running shoes before you break them in!

E A T I N G // This month I realized that my tried-and-true Siggi's yogurt that I eat every single morning for breakfast comes in second place (for taste) to Icelandic Provisions. Both yogurts are technically "skyr" which is a thick Icelandic yogurt, both high in protein like greek yogurt, low in sugar, and both brands make their products with very simple, real ingredients. Maybe I've just gotten so used to Siggi's, but I swear Icelandic Provisions is sweeter, creamier, and more flavorful without any extra sugar or calories, and just as much protein!

B E A U T I F Y I N G // I get sent a lot of beauty products and rarely end up getting into them. I'll use them a few times, forget about them, and move on. But, this month I received this Unsun Tinted Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 30!) and it not only makes me feel good about myself for actually wearing sunscreen, but it has incredible coverage that both blends in with my skin tone and makes me look tan at the same time. I'm so, so obsessed with it.

R E A D I N G // I am currently reading The Last Summer by Ann Brashares. To be honest, I don't really have an opinion on this one yet... I think I'll end up liking it once I get more into it though... maybe ;) You can follow my reads on Goodreads here!

S H O P P I N G // I just ordered (and received! and can't get enough of!) this jumpsuit that I plan to wear for my birthday in Palm Beach. Forgive me for overuse of the word "obsessed," but I am truly obsessed with this jumpsuit!! It's all white (my favorite), all denim, open back, and hits at all the right spots. I ordered a US size 8 and it fits perfectly!

Also, as mentioned in yesterday's post, I just ordered this area rug and this desk chair for my apartment! You can see more pieces I plan to incorporate into my new bedroom at school in the post here.

A C C E S S O R I Z I N G // As you may have seen on Instagram, this zodiac (leo sznnn!) necklace and this disc choker make up my new favorite necklace combo. When I wear the two together I feel so Greek and Pinterest-worthy, haha ;)

What have you been loving lately?


  1. I just tried Icelandic provision for the first time this week too! I thought there wasn't anything better than siggi's but I was wrong... the Icelandic provisions coconut is to die for


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