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This Week's Top 10: Back to School

1. Friday!!! And the end of August!!! To say this summer flew by would be an understatement, but don't we always feel that way? I had a four month summer, so I guess it's only fair to say that I am ready to head back to school. I go back on Sunday for my junior year!

2. After two weeks of back-to-back traveling, I'm home for the next 48 hours until school. I spontaneously visited my friends at Lehigh on the last day of my trip to New York just for fun and I am so glad I did. I hadn't been back since I transferred freshman year but it felt good to see the campus and be there one more time.

3. Luckily we have Labor Day on Monday, because this long weekend is necessary. I'll be spending my first days back in Madison just getting my sh*t together and tackling my school inbox that has been staring me down all summer... ugh.

4. Speaking of Labor Day... you already know there will be some great sales! J. Crew is having 40% off your entire purchase (!!!) and I have this, this, and this in my cart. Use code BIGSALE at checkout.

5. On the blog this week I shared the backpack I'm using this school year that I'm in love with.

6. Also on the blog this week: part I and part II of my Palm Beach recaps!

7. I really could go for some cute new workout wear to motivate me this school year... I'm obsessed with these leggings! I really want to jump on the Outdoor Voices train because I've heard the best things, especially from my friend Sammy. Do you have any of their products?

8. OMG. I saw Crazy Rich Asians at the movies in New York and it was SO GOOD. I originally wanted to read the book before seeing the movie, but we made plans to see the movie spontaneously and I just loved it. Have any of you seen it? What did you think??

9. My aunt got me addicted to her Nespresso while I was visiting her this week and it's safe to say my Christmas list has officially begun.

10. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! I hope the next few, last days of summer are spent enjoying friends and family and the sunshine!!



  1. So jealous that you had a four month summer, that's crazy! I've been eyeing OV for a while but I don't know what pair to get - I feel like it's a commitment. I like the long crops a lot!

    1. I feel the same way about OV! I can't decide if I want to start out with something simple or something that makes a statement....

  2. Such a great movie! Can't wait to live vicariously through you at school ;)

  3. OV also does a 20% discount for students so make sure you sign up for that, Fran!!

    1. I had no idea! Thank you so much for sharing Carly!


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