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This Week's Top 10

{This is exactly what I'm hoping my weekend will look like!}

1. I will definitely be trying this easy and healthy breakfast recipe this weekend!

3. One of my favorite things to do in Rhode Island ever summer with my dad is have a clam bake, and this ultimate lobster bake is giving me an insane craving for summer right now... Not to mention a major tooth for a lobster roll and an uncontrollable need for heat!

4. I got my mom a pair of double earrings for Christmas, and now I'm kind of thinking I need this pair for myself...

5. I'm not one to try out new beauty tips, but this easy trick seems fast and extremely effective in more ways than one! I might have to try it.

6. If I thought I could pull it off, I'd snag this bow-back top for summer in a heartbeat.

7. The cutest round-up of transition dresses for the end of winter and start of spring was on the blog this week.

9. You've got to try this workout circuit (it'll tone your whole body in under 15 minutes!)

10. Did you see this week's collab? Chatting about all of my favorite current reads, including blogs, books, and websites!

Do you have any fun weekend plans? Mine is looking pretty low-key, so let me live vicariously through you!

What I Bookmark {Collab}

I'm excited today to share some of my current reads from this past month (and long before, too!) as a part of a fun and unique collab. One little goal I had for the new year was to try to incorporate more daily reading into my life... whether it be blogs, books, websites, or magazines. I just wanted to expand on the content I was already digesting and broaden my horizons, and I feel like including more reading in my life is a great way to do that.


Lately I've been trying to get into Bossypants by Tina Fey. The book itself, don't get me wrong, is hilarious, but setting aside time to actually read is difficult for me. In the summer I used to be so good about finding a few page turners and blowing through them, but I haven't been able to do that in what seems like forever! It makes me a little sad that I feel like I never read anymore, and most people my age can probably agree with me when I say it seems like no one just "reads for fun" without feeling like that either have way better things to do with their time, or just no time for it at all, and no one even does it anymore! 

However, aside from novels, I am a huge fan of coffee table books. So basic, but #sorrynotsorry. This Hamptons book is the latest edition to my collection, and I have to admit I haven't looked through it too, too much since I got it, but I think it's the perfect mix of reading material and photographs. The Kate Spade book and the Eloise: Ultimate Edition are of course notable favorites in my collection as well! I'm super interested in snagging either this Gray Malin book or this Slim Aarons book sometime soon, too.


Just as a little disclaimer, these following blogs are not all of my daily reads, but just the ones I am collaborating with today!

Citrus and Style, of course, is written by both my IRL (in-real-life) and blogging best friend, Caroline. I know we both talk about each other a lot on our platforms, but we really are best friends and I love her content!

A Sunny State of Mind is another one of my daily reads, written by Meg, who is absolutely the cutest person. We text all the time, and she's a fellow foodie just like me, so you already know we are destined to be BFFS.

And last but certainly not least, Macy blogs over at Peonies and Passports and I check her blog daily too! We did a fun collab last week that you can see here (and her post here) in case you missed it. Not only is Macy gorgeous, but her photography is just as fabulous.


Some of my favorite daily content comes from the websites often featured in my issues of "This Week's Top 10". These sites include Cosmopolitan, the Every GirlRefinery 29, the Glitter Guide, Town and Country, and the Coveteur.

Cosmo is probably the most lighthearted, right there with Refinery 29, but all of the sites above are wonderful when it comes to producing articles that I actually find helpful and interesting. 

I love the stories on Cosmopolitan and the advice, and from the Coveteur,  Refinery 29, and the Every Girl  I learn so many things that are just helpful with random things in life, whether it be health, fitness, fashion, or beauty. Of course, Town and Country provides some wonderful content that has slightly more worldly value, like a more sophisticated version of People. Glitter Guide is just my go-to for things like home tours, little fashion inspirations here and there, and the like.

What are your favorite books, blogs, and websites as of late? Please share!

Winter Formal Dresses

As I mentioned in my recap of Father Daughter, one of my worst habits when it comes to dances and social events is finding an outfit or dress ahead of time. I don't have the best luck when I order dresses, I usually find a dress after I've ordered a few different options, but that requires starting early.  Shopping in person is always an option too, but MKE doesn't exactly have the widest selection to choose from ;)

With my winter formal coming up at the end of February, I've begun dress shopping and picking out a few options for the event!

I love the strapless pale pink option.. it's so pretty and the perfect transition from the end of winter to spring. What's your favorite?

PS: If you have any sites suggestions for dress shopping, I'm all ears! Usually my favorites are ASOS, Revolve, and Urban Outfitters.

Father Daughter Recap

Father daughter has always been a special event for both my dad and for me. I grew up going to Daddy-Daughter dances through girl scouts when we lived in Chicago, and then I went to the annual Father Daughter at my high school both freshman and sophomore year, but I didn't make it last year. Because my Dad moved to Rhode Island my sophomore year, really any occasion that we spend together is special. I saw him in November when I went to DC, again when I went out East for Christmas, and I am so incredibly grateful that my dad could make it Saturday night for my senior year dance!

Both of my Dad's flights got cancelled due to the huge snowstorm that hit the East Coast, so he made the 16 hour drive alone all the way here for the event. Seriously, it was so nice of him. I have been looking forward to my senior year Father Daughter for what feels like forever because it's tradition for senior dad's to wear tuxes (which is so cute) and the event really is so incredibly fun, and even more special since my Dad couldn't make it in last year.

I mentioned I ordered this dress for the night (more LBD's right here!), but it didn't look very good on me once it arrived in the mail. It's a bad habit that I always find my mom and I shopping frantically the afternoon of dances looking for a dress, and this time around was no exception! However, I ended up finding something that I was so excited about! I wore a jumpsuit! 

It was quite the risk for me choosing to wear this backless jumpsuit on Saturday night, but I am so glad I did! I got so many compliments and no one else was wearing anything even kind of similar because they were all in dresses... I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous to show up in a jumpsuit but I really love the look! I paired it with similar earrings, these shoes (from prom), similar bracelet, this bralette (made backless with some funky convertible strap, but the lace looked so pretty peaking out underneath), and a high ponytail!

Overall, the night was so much fun and incredibly special. (There was a hot chocolate bar!!!) I'm so glad my dad could make it in given the weather conditions, and it was definitely a memorable evening.

How was your weekend?

This Week's Top 10

5. Scallops and stripes?! Sign me up.

6. So how well do you really know Gossip Girl? Take the quiz and find out.

8. These Kate Spade flats are on sale and still available in a few different colors and many sizes... snag this versatile shoe before it's too late!

9. I'm having trouble keeping with my new year's resolutions... any tips?

10. Today is my last day of my two-week long service immersion project. Read a little more about that here.

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is father daughter, and due to the snowstorm coming into the East Coast, my dads flight was cancelled and he's instead making the trip over here by car, aka a 16 hour drive!! So sweet of him... I can not wait for the event!

Winter Colors

I'm not one to typically opt for an all black ensemble. I do often sway towards neutrals, but when I head over towards darker colors, navy is usually as far as I'll go. However, these Burberry pants (similar here) were a gift from one of my aunts back in February and I love them, so I figured (almost a year later!) it was about time I finally pulled them out to style with this scarf, aka officially the warmest winter accessory I own. I love how the black looks so chic and slimming, and really perfect for the chilly winter temperatures we've been experiencing here in Wisco. 

The Importance of Service

Last week and this week have been an incredible opportunity. For seniors at my school, we do a two week service immersion where we are assigned to an agency in the greater Milwaukee area with a friend and left to do service from 8-3 everyday Monday through Friday, instead of attending school. 

At first, I was super apprehensive. My best friend and I were assigned to a nursing home, and our first day was an entire morning in orientation getting the lay of the land and touring the site. I am pretty familiar doing volunteering in Elderly care because I've done some service at similar sites in the past, but never so consistent and immersed. In the afternoon on the first day, we hung out with the participants in the "Adult Day Center", which was kind of a shock to actually experience elderly who were a little more cognitively challenged than I was used to.

I had trouble seeing the point of my service because I felt like the site didn't need me. On the second day, we folded laundry in the morning and spent more time hanging out with people that weren't able to hear us or communicate well with us, and to say the least, it was frustrating. However, it took a little persistence and determination to realize and remind myself that I am not doing service for myself, but because these people feel so youthful and loved and important when teenage girls are willing to spend time with them and have conversations with them even if it means I'm responding "I understand" and nodding to comments that I didn't quite catch.

Service is a beautiful thing. You give to others and at the time you might not love every minute of it, but you leave getting so much back than you ever could've given to the people you served without even realizing it. I only have through Friday to continue my service, but I will definitely miss the relationships I've made with some of the participants and residents in assisted living, too. The opportunity to get to know these people and to help the staff who rarely gets a break has been so rewarding for everyone, and I am so thankful that my school gives us this experience.


Winter Staples: Outfit Collab

I'm so excited today to be collaborating with Macy over at Peonies and Passports to share our preppy winter wardrobe staples. If your weather where you're at is anything like mine, then you've been freezing lately! For me, someone who is always cold, I rely on cozy jacketswarm scarves, and my bean boots to keep me warm!

Class of 2020

I know I already tweeted where I'll be headed next year, and if you're friends with me on Facebook you've also seen the news there. However, I am so excited to officially announce on the blog today that I will be a member of the Class of 2020 at Lehigh University!

I didn't talk too much about my college application process on the blog, simply because for me, I was lucky enough that it wasn't really a process at all! I knew ever since I visited Lehigh in February that it was my first choice, and I would be applying Early Decision (which is a binding commitment), so if I got in, I would go. It was a little nerve-wracking and stressful at times when I would start to feel super overwhelmed and convince myself that I wasn't going to get in and I would have nowhere else to go, so I applied to two other schools, making three total.

It's kind of funny to see some of my friends applying to 15 or even 20 schools, when I knew the whole time there was only one place I really wanted to go. My second choice was Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass, but I never even applied because I knew I would be finding out about Lehigh with enough time to still apply to Holy Cross after if I'd been accepted. My search was interesting because I knew exactly what I wanted in a school, I just needed to find the one. I had the feeling from the moment I stepped onto Lehigh's campus that it would be where I ended up, and it sounds cliche, but I am so glad I was right! Between the Ivy covered buildings and old architecture, and preppy students sporting Sperry's and RL to class, it really felt like somewhere I could see myself. I wanted a school between 5,000 and 7,000 undergraduate students (on the smaller side), on the East Coast, with Greek Life, and a strong business school given that I intend to major in Finance with a double minor in Marketing and French. Lehigh is best known for finance, so that worked out well!

I found out about a month ago when I was studying with my boyfriend during exam week and it was seriously one of the happiest moments. There were instant tears and it felt like a dream come true. After days of stressing, basically panicking, and constantly refreshing the online portal, among a few emails and phone calls inquiring when the decisions would finally be posted, and it was so worth it.

I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life and I am so grateful for all of the people who have supported me and for all of my educational opportunities that I am so lucky to have! Can't wait to share all of the brown and white memories I'll make throughout the next four years.

You can see my photos of Lehigh and original post about the school here.

This Week's Top 10

1. If you didn't see this swimsuit in yesterday's post, you have to check it out. Gray Malin x a bikini line?! It's seriously so cool.

2. The reasoning behind why we should stop using exclamation points is pretty convincing.

3. I am low-key obsessed with the Cosmopolitan snapchat discover thing... If you don't check it everyday, you're missing one of the best parts about snapchat, and I'm not kidding. (add me @franacciardo!) Anywayyyys, I love the stories posted on the discover, and this one is especially hilarious.

4. Net-A-Porter is having an amazing sale right now. I finally ordered these Nike's I'd been eyeing forever (for 60% off!)

5. The perfect classic trench, ideal for spring, for only $100.

6. Did you see the gorgeous home tour I posted about this week?

8. I am notorious for cancelling plans, and this is an ironically accurate analyzation of situations I usually find myself in. Anyone else?

9. I'm in need of a new phone case and I love this palm print option.

10. I ended up choosing this dress for Father Daughter from this post.

Do you have any fun weekend plans? I'm jealous of everyone with Monday off!

How To Get Spring Break Ready

With spring break coming up in just a couple of short months, I can't be the only feeling like I have a lot to accomplish before then. Wrapping up senior year has come with a big dose of senioritis, aka the uncontrollable desire to do nothing, all the time. I have it bad, and I can't help it. If you're like me, the only thing getting you through is the dream of a nice, warm destination to escape the brutal cold you're dealing with right now... or maybe it's just a Wisconsin thing?

Find some inspiration | One thing that always gets me excited about spring break is taking spring break pictures. As lame as that sounds, it's motivating! I want to look cool, I can't help it... doesn't everyone?

Find some fit-spiration | You know I'd be lying if I said having a bikini body isn't up there on my list of to-do's for spring break. Last week I attempted eating healthy and lasted about four days before eating half a quart of ice cream shamelessly in my kitchen at 10 PM. Safe to say, maybe staring at some other girl's abs will help me feel inspired.

Start a shopping list | What gets one more excited for break than the thought of all the cute clothes she can wear among the palm trees and beaches and resort adventures? I love this swimsuit (it's reversible and OMG... in a gray malin print!!!), this striped, backless one piece, this romper, and this hat for starters.

What are your spring break plans?

Steal Her Style: Black + Navy

If there is one combo I love that I really wish I could pull off, it would probably be black and navy. The colors are staples enough to create almost a fanbase on either end, the #navyornothing die hard's vs. the chic and sophisticated all black everything clad fashionistas. However, I'm a fan of both black and navy, and I think the key to success (DJ Khaled snapchat reference) in styling the pieces together is to keep it simple and classic, pairing basics with tried and true silhouettes and accessories. 

I love this ensemble of the dark sneaks adding a little pop of color, while the preppy coat dresses up the simple button down and black skinnies. The sneakers mixed with the coat really add a sophisticated feel to the cool, tomboyish look created by the shoes. I'm a fan.

Steal the look here: top // coat // jeans // sneaks


Home Tour

I love interior decorating. The actual decorating part might not be my strong suit, but I am really into homes. In fact, it's pretty much more important to me to have my dream home in life than anything else (to some extent, at least). When I came across this home tour (all photos here) last night in the midst of my typical evening internet perusal, I knew I had to share. I mean all the gold, all the glitz... Gorgeous. The abode was styled by Christine Dovey, who is officially topping my current list of girl crushes (not that I have one, because that would be a little creepy tbh).

I die for those knockers...

Quite the extravagant bedroom for a little girl and I fully support it

All around kitchen goals.

Even the laundry room is chic!

What does your dream home look like?

Perfect LBD's for the Rest of Winter

With my last father-daughter dinner dance coming up in less than two weeks, I've been on the hunt for the perfect LBD to wear for the occasion! The event is fancier than a typical school dance, especially for Seniors because our Dad's wear tuxes. So, I've rounded up a few of my finds in case any of you find yourself in need of a new little black dress like me.

Do you have a favorite LBD? See how I styled one of mine HERE back in September.

This Week's Top 10

1. I saw the movie Joy in theaters on Tuesday and I'm a little unsure how I liked it... Has anyone seen it? I am dying to go see Sisters!

2. I know it's January, but I love this pleated skirt dress for spring.

4. I've gotten a lot of questions on what I got for Christmas and these boots were definitely my favorite gift.

5. I love this clean eating plan that Caroline shared!

6. Going along with that, here are 10 ways to actually stick to a healthy eating plan

7. I am obsessed with these sunglasses.

8. Was one of your new year's resolutions to work out more? If so, you'll definitely want to check out Kate Spade's new line of activewear.

9. Love these tips for how to improve your blog Instagram

10. I started my 101 in 1001 days list! Check it out here! (I still need to think of more goals so if you come up with anything, shoot me an email, leave a comment, or send me a message on tumblr!)


Winter Break Recap

Two full weeks off school has never felt shorter or flown by faster! I spent an incredible week on the East Coast to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's side of the family and it was a fabulous trip to say the least.

My brother and I flew into Rhode Island on Tuesday afternoon and spent the evening in Providence getting dinner and doing a little last minute Christmas shopping with my dad. On Wednesday I went for a run, got super lost, and came home to make the best snickerdoodles before driving to Boston on Wednesday night.

We spent Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after in Wellesley, Mass at my cousin's house and it was so nice being reunited with the whole extended family!

On Christmas Eve, my other aunt took my cousins and I to Neiman's for popovers to start a new tradition. It was the cutest way to get out of the house for a couple hours before things started to get hectic with all the cooking and getting ready for mass.

On Christmas we had the cutest set up for dinner and it was seriously delicious. I loved every minute of my Christmas, including an impromptu 7 mile run through the beautiful campus of Wellesley College. I pretty much just wanted to experiment with my new Fitbit ;)

The day after Christmas (so, Saturday), my Dad, brother and I, along with my aunt, uncle and cousin, left Boston for Long Island where they live. We spent a few days there hanging out before (!!!) a quick jaunt to the Hamptons to see the new house! My aunt is an interior designer so she made the Hamptons house her latest project and did an incredible job. I am so obsessed with it! 

My brother and I flew home Tuesday afternoon after a few slices of classic New York pizza, and arrived in MKE around 9 PM.

Of course, winter break didn't end there (#thankGod). I spent New Year's Eve at a delicious brunch before heading to a party that night.

You can see my full New Year's outfit here

How was your winter break?!

New Year's Eve Outfit

If I'm being completely honest, it's pretty rare that I actually wear the outfits I post on here. I always wear a variation of every outfit at some point, but the chances of me wearing the exact same thing out and about in my daily life are kind of slim to none. However, this outfit I did actually wear to a New Year's Eve party on Thursday night. When I think of New Year's Eve I can't help but think of sequins and feathers and I love the pairing of this fur bolero with the feather tank.

Goals for 2016

Waking up yesterday morning on the first of the year surrounded by friends, there was no place I'd rather be. The people who helped shaped my 2015 made it an incredible year and I love that I got to start off this new year fresh with the people I love. However, I know heading to college and graduating high school this year will make 2016 not only a memorable one, but one full of change and new people and new experiences too. Because of that, I want to set goals for myself to make this year the fullest it can be and to make the most out of my last semester of high school and my first semester of college.

Be Healthier // I know this is kind of a broad and general and not original new year's resolution at all, but being healthier is something I really want to work on this year, especially by the time I leave for school in the fall (not interested in the freshman 15, thanks). My main specific goal, however, for the year is to train myself to stop eating when I'm full and to not eat when I'm not hungry. I think this more particular and focused goal will motivate me to stay on track to be a little healthier this year. I also want to try and cut back a little on how much sugar I consume because I swear I'm addicted to chocolate and it's getting out of hand.

Focus More // I am so bad about distractions. Whether it be my phone, clothes, or a conversation with someone else, I literally can be distracted by anything and I want to try to pay more attention to living in the moment and being aware of my surroundings. Hopefully this will help with studying and school too!

That's all I have come up with for now, but I'm thinking about making a 101 in 1001 list and if so, that'll obviously include a few more goals for myself too! Have any of you made resolutions for this year / a 101 in 1001 list? What do you think?