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Winter Staples: Outfit Collab

I'm so excited today to be collaborating with Macy over at Peonies and Passports to share our preppy winter wardrobe staples. If your weather where you're at is anything like mine, then you've been freezing lately! For me, someone who is always cold, I rely on cozy jacketswarm scarves, and my bean boots to keep me warm!

A few of my other winter staples include my toggle coat, Patagonia winter coat, and lots of cable knits, too. Shop those (and more!) in the widget below.

What are you winter wardrobe staples? Check out Macy's post this afternoon to see hers too.


  1. Such a lovely cozy outfit! I love your fleece. Gemma xx

  2. I love the outfit, and the winter wardrobe staple picks at the end! It was so fun to be able to collab with you :-)


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