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Home Tour

I love interior decorating. The actual decorating part might not be my strong suit, but I am really into homes. In fact, it's pretty much more important to me to have my dream home in life than anything else (to some extent, at least). When I came across this home tour (all photos here) last night in the midst of my typical evening internet perusal, I knew I had to share. I mean all the gold, all the glitz... Gorgeous. The abode was styled by Christine Dovey, who is officially topping my current list of girl crushes (not that I have one, because that would be a little creepy tbh).

I die for those knockers...

Quite the extravagant bedroom for a little girl and I fully support it

All around kitchen goals.

Even the laundry room is chic!

What does your dream home look like?


  1. Omg this is literal house goals! Thanks for sharing!
    -Angela & Amy


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