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This Week's Top 10

5. Scallops and stripes?! Sign me up.

6. So how well do you really know Gossip Girl? Take the quiz and find out.

8. These Kate Spade flats are on sale and still available in a few different colors and many sizes... snag this versatile shoe before it's too late!

9. I'm having trouble keeping with my new year's resolutions... any tips?

10. Today is my last day of my two-week long service immersion project. Read a little more about that here.

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is father daughter, and due to the snowstorm coming into the East Coast, my dads flight was cancelled and he's instead making the trip over here by car, aka a 16 hour drive!! So sweet of him... I can not wait for the event!

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  1. Omg obsessed with that scalloped skirt! Resisting the urge to add it to my cart for my spring break wardrobe! Thanks for sharing!
    -Angela & Amy


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