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What I Bookmark {Collab}

I'm excited today to share some of my current reads from this past month (and long before, too!) as a part of a fun and unique collab. One little goal I had for the new year was to try to incorporate more daily reading into my life... whether it be blogs, books, websites, or magazines. I just wanted to expand on the content I was already digesting and broaden my horizons, and I feel like including more reading in my life is a great way to do that.


Lately I've been trying to get into Bossypants by Tina Fey. The book itself, don't get me wrong, is hilarious, but setting aside time to actually read is difficult for me. In the summer I used to be so good about finding a few page turners and blowing through them, but I haven't been able to do that in what seems like forever! It makes me a little sad that I feel like I never read anymore, and most people my age can probably agree with me when I say it seems like no one just "reads for fun" without feeling like that either have way better things to do with their time, or just no time for it at all, and no one even does it anymore! 

However, aside from novels, I am a huge fan of coffee table books. So basic, but #sorrynotsorry. This Hamptons book is the latest edition to my collection, and I have to admit I haven't looked through it too, too much since I got it, but I think it's the perfect mix of reading material and photographs. The Kate Spade book and the Eloise: Ultimate Edition are of course notable favorites in my collection as well! I'm super interested in snagging either this Gray Malin book or this Slim Aarons book sometime soon, too.


Just as a little disclaimer, these following blogs are not all of my daily reads, but just the ones I am collaborating with today!

Citrus and Style, of course, is written by both my IRL (in-real-life) and blogging best friend, Caroline. I know we both talk about each other a lot on our platforms, but we really are best friends and I love her content!

A Sunny State of Mind is another one of my daily reads, written by Meg, who is absolutely the cutest person. We text all the time, and she's a fellow foodie just like me, so you already know we are destined to be BFFS.

And last but certainly not least, Macy blogs over at Peonies and Passports and I check her blog daily too! We did a fun collab last week that you can see here (and her post here) in case you missed it. Not only is Macy gorgeous, but her photography is just as fabulous.


Some of my favorite daily content comes from the websites often featured in my issues of "This Week's Top 10". These sites include Cosmopolitan, the Every GirlRefinery 29, the Glitter Guide, Town and Country, and the Coveteur.

Cosmo is probably the most lighthearted, right there with Refinery 29, but all of the sites above are wonderful when it comes to producing articles that I actually find helpful and interesting. 

I love the stories on Cosmopolitan and the advice, and from the Coveteur,  Refinery 29, and the Every Girl  I learn so many things that are just helpful with random things in life, whether it be health, fitness, fashion, or beauty. Of course, Town and Country provides some wonderful content that has slightly more worldly value, like a more sophisticated version of People. Glitter Guide is just my go-to for things like home tours, little fashion inspirations here and there, and the like.

What are your favorite books, blogs, and websites as of late? Please share!


  1. Always love collaborating with you, foodie friend :-)

  2. Fran! Im so glad we got to collaborate not one.. but two times! Love your blog, and I find myself reading the Everygirl a lot too.

    -Macy //

  3. I really need to start reading Refinery 29 and Cosmopolitan! I never think to check them out but every time I do I spend so long reading :)


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