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Winter Colors

I'm not one to typically opt for an all black ensemble. I do often sway towards neutrals, but when I head over towards darker colors, navy is usually as far as I'll go. However, these Burberry pants (similar here) were a gift from one of my aunts back in February and I love them, so I figured (almost a year later!) it was about time I finally pulled them out to style with this scarf, aka officially the warmest winter accessory I own. I love how the black looks so chic and slimming, and really perfect for the chilly winter temperatures we've been experiencing here in Wisco. 

Sweater (similar here and here) // Scarf c/o // Pants // Converse // Watch

I left this scarf in one of my friend's cars on New Years and she admitted to me that multiple people had used it as a blanket over the course of a few weeks it was in there. I swear it really is the warmest scarf I own, and it's so big that I can drape it right around my neck or over my shoulders instead of opting for a jacket (or pairing with one for really chilly nights).

P.S. - How cute would this outfit be with these sneaks? I've been wanting them forever... Do I do it?


  1. Cute outfit! Love those adidas sneakers- I say go for it and treat yo'self for valentine's day!
    -Angela & Amy

  2. Super cute pictures!

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