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This Week's Top 10

1. I saw the movie Joy in theaters on Tuesday and I'm a little unsure how I liked it... Has anyone seen it? I am dying to go see Sisters!

2. I know it's January, but I love this pleated skirt dress for spring.

4. I've gotten a lot of questions on what I got for Christmas and these boots were definitely my favorite gift.

5. I love this clean eating plan that Caroline shared!

6. Going along with that, here are 10 ways to actually stick to a healthy eating plan

7. I am obsessed with these sunglasses.

8. Was one of your new year's resolutions to work out more? If so, you'll definitely want to check out Kate Spade's new line of activewear.

9. Love these tips for how to improve your blog Instagram

10. I started my 101 in 1001 days list! Check it out here! (I still need to think of more goals so if you come up with anything, shoot me an email, leave a comment, or send me a message on tumblr!)



  1. I'm only saying this because I wish someone had told me - I highly recommend NOT going to sisters. It was the first time in my life I've ever walked out of a movie!! The humor was so forced and it seemed like they assumed if they used those actresses the movie didn't have to be funny! (Just one gals opinion but I thought I'd share, just in case!)

    I'm obsessing over Kate Spades new line too- I need to step up my athleisure game for sure!


  2. I just saw Sisters the other weekend with my sister {perfect I know}! We both really enjoyed it. My sister takes crude humor a lot better than I do, so she was able to genuinely laugh through some of the awkward scenes, whereas I just cringed. It would be a good "girls night" movie. Tina Fey + Amy Poehler can't not be funny; I recommend it!

    XOXO Paulina

  3. So many great links! I am on my last nine months of my 101 list, so I can't wait to read through yours!



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