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September Favorites

September went by incredibly fast, as all months have seemed to this year, but for once I actually feel pretty good about what I accomplished this month. Now that I've started work, I feel like I can actually live in the moment instead of waiting and waiting for something... It feels good no longer having "starting my first job!" looming over my head as it has been for the last nine months.

Every year at school, October was the best month. Game days, fall weather, sweaters... I'm still excited about this fall though because it's the first time I get to spend an entire fall in Milwaukee since high school! I forgot how beautiful it is here (...although it will get cold soon). I just love Octobers and feel so good about the month ahead. Anyway, here's everything I loved in September:

Camel Sweaters (Under $100!)

I shared this post on Instagram yesterday featuring my new favorite camel sweater! The one I am wearing in these photos is pretty fun and unique with ruffled sleeves, but if that's not your vibe, below I am rounding up a variety of styles all under $100. A camel sweater is such a fall essential in my opinion; it goes with everything, and it'll never go out of style. Wear to work or to class (if you have the luxury of going anywhere these days!) or just to get coffee on the weekends or attend a zoom call. 

This Week's Top 10

Wow... a lot happened this week. Let's recap the important stuff first before moving onto the fluff.

1. It would be amiss not to mention the Breonna Taylor ruling this week. The decision made by the court, in my opinion, is inconsequential and unacceptable. It sets a disturbing precedent for other inevitable Black trials in the future, and it makes me feel both frustrated and sad for her family, loved ones, and the Black community.

2. I also want to mention the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was not nearly as familiar with her and her impact before she passed last weekend, and found this podcast episode both informative and interesting-- it went through her entire life, explaining the highlights and what she did for women in our country.

3. This week also included voter registration day on Tuesday. Are you registered to vote? I had to update my address but it only took a minute! You can check your status here

I Don't Get Dressed, But I Still Want to Shop

Now that I've started work and don't leave my desk from 8-4 all week, I've finally realized how unnecessary it is for me to be shopping right now. I don't need work outfits or anything for going out, but this doesn't mean I don't still want to shop. In fact, because I'm actually a salaried, working adult now, I want to shop more? (shocker) And, admittedly, I still am doing some lowkey things on the weekends and grabbing the occasional weeknight drink... so, like, I have an excuse... right? Either way, below I've rounded up the pieces I'm loving right now and a few on my wishlist, even though I really don't have anywhere to go:

This Week's Top 10

 1. Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week. I finished my first week of work (just training, but still!), so I'm feeling pretty accomplished. Next week is another onboarding week but after that, I'll hopefully get to start on a project!

2. O.M.G. Carly is the original blogger in my opinion (the first blog I ever read!) and I couldn't be happier for her regarding her wedding a couple weekends ago!!! It was so intimate and beautiful, held right in her backyard, with no detail forgotten. I just love everything about it.

3.  I ordered this pack of fall masks and I'm so excited about them. I can't believe what a deal they are! 

What I've Been Up To (Unpublished Photos!)

hi! wow, I haven't posted in 10 days and it's definitely time for a little update on what I've been up to! From traveling to St. Louis for a wedding to officially starting my job, it's been a busy couple of weeks, to say the least. I'm excited to catch you all up on what I've been doing!

Let's start with Labor Day... that Monday itself was actually pretty gloomy, so I had a chill day at home. However, Labor Day weekend was pretty fun because my boyfriend stayed with me at my house and we tried a new brewery, a new-to-us restaurant, visited the farmer's market (our flower's pictured at the top!), played tennis... and just had fun hanging out. 

A couple days later, on Wednesday, I drove to St. Louis for his sister's wedding. My grandparents live close to his hometown so my mom and I drove down together and spent the latter half of that week hanging out with them before I went to the wedding on Saturday. 

On Thursday I wore this dress for dinner with lace-up sandals (sold out, similar here and here). This is my first piece from Farm Rio and I am so pleased with both the quality of my dress and what the company stands for... they have the cutest printed pieces (need this top). How cute are these pants in the matching print of my dress?

Shoutout to my Revlon for making my hair look really, really fabulous Thursday night. BEST blow dryer ever. (too bad I started profusely sweating right after this picture so the perfect blowout didn't last long... tmi? sorry)

To the wedding, I wore this dress (available for less here and here on RTR

My mom and I drove back on Sunday and quicked stopped at my brother's for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Then, Monday morning I woke up and started my job!!!

I work 8-4 but get an hour for lunch, so it really isn't bad at all. I also shouldn't even say "work" quite yet, as these first two weeks are onboarding and more of a learning experience than actual work. It's been so informative and I feel like I'm getting a lot out of it, plus I love that they are easing us into the job as opposed to throwing us in without knowing what the whole deal is. If you want the scoop on my job, check out this blog post I shared here.

OH- I've really been into smoked salmon lately. We get ours at Trader Joe's and it's absolutely fabulous.

So, yeah, that's pretty much everything! I wish I had more content to share on Instagram because I miss connecting with all of you... hopefully, once I get into more of a routine I will be able to get back to posting!

What's new with you?

Labor Day Sales

Popping in to share some of my favorite Labor Day sales happening today! 

MANGO // They are having 30% off everything (with code LAB20), and it ends today! Mango is one of my favorite places to shop and their new arrivals are full of basics like cozy sweaters and chic jackets and boots... Could these sweatpants look any cozier?  (+ this is the matching hoodie)

H&M is having 20% off everything! They just have an endless assortment of sweaters for the best prices.

Levi's makes some of my favorite jeans, and they're all up to 40% off! I linked some of my favorite pairs above.

Hope you're all enjoying this day!


This Week's Top 10

the last weekend of summer.... ah. so bittersweet.

 1. Happy Friday and hopefully, happy long weekend to you if you're off Monday for Labor Day! I am excited for this weekend because it will involve trying a new-to-me restaurant, lots of tennis, time outside, and a few cocktails in between! Do you have any fun Labor Day plans? My only wish is to have a boat so I could spend the weekend on the lake!

2. This month I am participating in a 50-mile running challenge hosted by my Insta friend, Holly! The goal is to run 50 miles throughout the month. If you'd like to participate, the deets are on her IG highlights here!

3. Currently reading this and loving it. So many of you on Insta said you loved it, too! It's about a POW who moves his family to Alaska and their journey preparing for winter and experiencing life there... the Alaskan imagery is fascinating and the storyline is great so far, too.

Recent Zara Haul

When I shared a few pieces from my latest Zara order the other day on Instagram stories, you guys immediately asked for the details and a haul, which I'm happy to deliver today! I place a big Zara order every once in a while because I just love their collection, and I never really know how everything is going to work out. This time my success rate was pretty standard... I ordered 7 things and I think I will be keeping three!

September Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

Hi peeps!!! So excited to share this month's mood board / desktop wallpaper. August's moodboard was such a hit that I tried to create an equally fabulous moodboard this month, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out; I hope you love it, too!

August Favorites

Happy September! This year, August went by relatively fast, probably because I got up to so many fun things! I spent a weekend in St. Louis visiting my grandparents, a weekend up north, another entirely at Celia's house by her pool celebrating my birthday, and this past weekend in Madison visiting my boyfriend. I also spent an entire week recovering from my wisdom teeth removal, but it went well and everything's fine! I can't believe after almost six months of a global pandemic, this is the month I am starting my job, with no prospect of moving to NYC... I'm intrigued to see how September goes, but for now, here's what I loved in August: