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This Week's Top 10

 1. Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week. I finished my first week of work (just training, but still!), so I'm feeling pretty accomplished. Next week is another onboarding week but after that, I'll hopefully get to start on a project!

2. O.M.G. Carly is the original blogger in my opinion (the first blog I ever read!) and I couldn't be happier for her regarding her wedding a couple weekends ago!!! It was so intimate and beautiful, held right in her backyard, with no detail forgotten. I just love everything about it.

3.  I ordered this pack of fall masks and I'm so excited about them. I can't believe what a deal they are! 

4. A few notes on self-care...

I tried this face exfoliator mask this week, courtesy of Haldi's custom skincare routine they built out for me. It was pretty intense, so I would recommend for sensitive skin, but it made my skin feel so soft and renewed. 

I'm still taking these Hush & Hush sleeping capsules and loving the results. No more nightmares and much less trouble falling asleep! (code FRANCESCA for 20% off!)

5. This is the perfect fall sweater and it's just $30!

6. Speaking of fall, it officially feels like it! I'm so happy it's perfect running weather again. I can't stop wearing my all-time favorite leggings!

7. This week I got a few questions on my phone case! It's this one from Amazon and I love it. Simple, cute, under $10, and actually protects my phone... highly recommend.

8. I love the September Style calendar that Jess put together! Although I don't get dressed every day, when I do I usually need some extra inspiration these days.... and I love these ideas. (how are we already over halfway through this month?) Pretty much every day looks like #15 for me haha

9. Pumpkin Spice cold brew has been my OBSESSION this week! This is the cold brew maker I use and these are my current favorite grounds.

10. Has anyone watched The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix yet? I've heard about it quite a bit and want to watch it asap!


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