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I Don't Get Dressed, But I Still Want to Shop

Now that I've started work and don't leave my desk from 8-4 all week, I've finally realized how unnecessary it is for me to be shopping right now. I don't need work outfits or anything for going out, but this doesn't mean I don't still want to shop. In fact, because I'm actually a salaried, working adult now, I want to shop more? (shocker) And, admittedly, I still am doing some lowkey things on the weekends and grabbing the occasional weeknight drink... so, like, I have an excuse... right? Either way, below I've rounded up the pieces I'm loving right now and a few on my wishlist, even though I really don't have anywhere to go:

Long Cardigan // I ordered this in ivory as a part of my monthly partnership with Express and I was immediately taken by the quality and cuteness when it arrived! It's so soft and high quality, and I know I'm just going to throw it over every outfit from now on.

Fall Masks // I also ordered this 5-pack of masks from Tory Burch. I just couldn't believe what a great deal they were for how cute they are! I have these Bauble Bar masks but I lost one of them and just want some new ones for fall (and more in general, because we aren't ridding of masks any time soon).

Sweater Tank // I bought this tank on sale a few weekends ago and it's fabulous. I love a white tank moment but I've had trouble finding a high-quality one in the right shape. This one is a sweater material so it's a little thicker, which is great for this transitioning weather.

Tan Sweater // I feel like you can never have enough neutral sweaters in the fall, and this one looks perfect! For just $20, why not? I could wear it on zoom or on the weekends -- win, win!

Lounge Set // Speaking of tan sweaters, I love this tan ribbed lounge set! It's pretty inexpensive and looks so chic and comfy.

The Perfect Chelsea Boots // Every year when fall rolls around, I always find myself thinking I need a new pair of shoes... last year it was my Veja's, and the year before, my Doc Martens... this year? These platform Chelsea boots.

Fall Candle // This is my favorite fall candle and it's only $20! It smells really clean (not sweet) but dark and moody like amber and smoke (obviously, haha). It fills a room without being stuffy or overpowering. I've gone through a handful of this exact candle and can't recommend it enough-- especially because it's far less expensive than most candles bloggers recommend these days, lol.

Knit Joggers // These just simply could not look comfier!!

Turtle Neck Knit Dress // Same goes for this dress-- looks so cozy and easy to throw on! I love sweater dresses in the fall... the easiest outfit and it's always so comfy and stylish with booties or boots.

What are you purchasing these days?


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