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This Week's Top 10

Wow... a lot happened this week. Let's recap the important stuff first before moving onto the fluff.

1. It would be amiss not to mention the Breonna Taylor ruling this week. The decision made by the court, in my opinion, is inconsequential and unacceptable. It sets a disturbing precedent for other inevitable Black trials in the future, and it makes me feel both frustrated and sad for her family, loved ones, and the Black community.

2. I also want to mention the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I was not nearly as familiar with her and her impact before she passed last weekend, and found this podcast episode both informative and interesting-- it went through her entire life, explaining the highlights and what she did for women in our country.

3. This week also included voter registration day on Tuesday. Are you registered to vote? I had to update my address but it only took a minute! You can check your status here

The fluff we're used to in this post:

4. Onboarding for work is officially done! The past two weeks went by so quickly and I'm really excited to jump into specialized training next week and then hopefully get on a project soon to "officially" start my job. I'll definitely write a more in-depth blog post about starting a new job during a pandemic / all things WFH soon!

5. It's officially fall, and for me, that means I'm pretty much over my sauvignon blanc summer phase (I actually just googled if wine varieties should be capitalized or not). I finished my last bottle of sauv last night and now I just want alllll the beer... I am super into pumpkin beers right now (yes, pumpkin... who's surprised?). This one from Trader Joe's is my favorite from last year and currently in my fridge, but I also LOVED this one that I tried on Wednesday at a local spot! 

6. I haveeee to watch The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix this weekend! People haven't stopped talking about it and I am so intrigued.

7. I ordered this pack of fall masks and they are almost here. I'm so excited about them I just want them to arrive already!!! Such a great deal, especially for Tory Burch!

8. The Amber Lewis for Anthropologie home collection released this week and it is full of gorgeous, cozy, inviting pieces. There's even a coffee table book!!

9. What's your fave fall candle? I shared one of mine, along with other things I've been loving recently for fall in Monday's blog post.

Three fabulous fall sweaters under $30: one, two, three

(posted about this one last week -- really need to get to my H&M to pick this up!)

10. Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I'm hanging out with friends tomorrow and hopefully shooting some blog photos tonight, but nothing crazy!


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