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January Favorites

I asked on Instagram stories last night what type of post I should do to wrap up January on the blog, and I was very excited to see that the majority of you wanted me to share my January favorites. This was something I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to start doing every month, but I wasn't sure if any of you would actually be interested. So... I am really excited to make this a monthly tradition! I think it's so fun to share little tidbits on here, when I have the chance, that aren't always making it into their own individual post throughout the month. 

On Rotation

This winter, I have been living in the same pieces over and over again. From the warmest sweater I own, to my tried and true Levi denim, to my latest sneaker addition, I can't seem to take off this outfit!

What To Get Your Boyfriend for Valentine's Day

I'm kind of excited for Valentine's Day this year for a different reason. I plan to go out with my girlfriends since I won't be celebrating it for the first time in three years (if you catch my drift here, that was a pretty big life update!). Nonetheless, I have quite a few gift ideas up my sleeve if you're stressed about what to get your boy toy for Valentine's Day in a few weeks.

This Week's Top 10: Pretty in Pink

can't wait to share the rest of these photos soon!

1. These 5 simple shifts to bring more positivity into your life have officially been added to my list of goals for the year

2. Under $100 perfectly pink finds for February: one, two, three (my favorite now on major sale!), four, five

3. Mornings are my favorite part of the day. I 100% consider myself a morning person, and now I'm thinking maybe it's because these 7 things that people do before bed to make their days easier are practices I usually follow!

Running Update & Playlist

Since the New Year I have been trying to share more running updates on my Instagram stories. I set a goal to work out at least three days every week, and so far so good! I find that mixing up my workouts is the best way to keep myself from getting burnt out and losing motivation. Usually my workouts consist of a run and then 10-20 minutes of strength exercises like planks, squats, ab exercises, etc. I should probably start bumping up the time (and effort...) I spend on that aspect of my workouts, but for now I'm enjoying playing around with running when it comes to pace, duration, and type of run that I do. 

College Update Video

Another video! Happy Wednesday! I will make this short and sweet because the video is mostly just me rambling, but I'm sharing what classes I'm taking, my major, and more today. I hope you enjoy!

A Simple Room Refresh

This weekend felt so much like spring. 50 degree weather in January in Wisconsin definitely does not go unnoticed! When the weather warms up it always puts me in the mood to make little updates to my decor and give my room an update. When it comes to decorating, even making little changes to a room can give it a refresh. Sometimes all it takes is one or two new pieces! The guest bedroom at my house was looking a little bland and needed some finishing touches to kick it up a notch. Small updates like adding a fun lamp and some throw pillows really spruced up the space!

This Week's Top 10

1. It's hard to believe it's my last weekend of winter break and come Monday I'll be back at school to start my second semester at Wisconsin!

2. I have been living in these slippers at home. To see the rest of What I got for Christmas, click here for the video and blog post!

3. I have been trying to work out and eat healthy lately as a part of my 2018 goals, but one part I'm slacking on is the reading. What's one book I need to get my hands on? I need recommendations!

Weekend in Chicago, New Hair + Life Lately

Heading back to school on Sunday means I'm packing in as much as I can to wrap up my month long winter break away from school. A lot of my friends have already gone back to school, so I went down to Chicago this weekend to see my brother and visit my best friend Lauren (same as New Years!). We had the most fun long weekend, and I'm excited to share it with all of you!

Christmas Recap + What I Got For Christmas VIDEO

Hi hi hi!! I am sorry about how delayed this post is, I had so many technical difficults. Better late than never though, right? Since I'm still on winter break I also think it's justifiable that I keep the Christmas vibes going as long as possible... why not! Even though a ton of thought, time, and money are all devoted to the gifts part of Christmas, I really love the whole celebration of the holiday and the days leading up to and following Christmas day. I had a great time in Dallas celebrating Christmas during my four-day trip to Texas, so I wanted to recap that in addition to sharing what I got for Christmas.

This Week's Top 10

1. This is the first TWT10 of 2018! Although it's technically the second weekend of the New Year, I can't even remember what I did last weekend (because I was supposed to be in NYC but that didn't happen due to the weather, it's fine, I'm over it ;) so this is just the first in my mind. 

2. I'm heading to Chicago this weekend to visit a friend because a ton of my friends from home have already gone back to school and I want to do something fun before I head back myself next weekend. How has it already been a month?

3. A new video is coming to the blog on Monday and I can't wait to share! I'm sorry for the delay-- I've been having excessive technical difficulties, but I promise I am working on it.

Winter Skincare Survival

Today I am excited to be collaborating with Dove to feature some of my winter skincare tips. For once in my life I'm experiencing winter skin that isn't dry, dehydrated, or even painful, and I have to say it's a pretty nice feeling. After a seriously bad sunburn over spring break last year and a few too many hours in the sun this summer, my skin was in need of a refresh this winter and I'm so excited about how it's been feeling lately. Since Wisconsin temperatures are rarely above 0, I'd say it's a pretty big deal that I've managed to keep my skin under control this winter and I'm excited to share with all of you how I've done that!

5 Goals for this Year

I don't like to call my goals for the year "New Year's Resolutions" because that term makes me think of a list of things I'll probably fall behind on come February, and things that aren't really that well-thought out enough to last more than a few weeks. So, instead I am defining the list of things I want to work on this year as goals that I hope to develop into habits by the end of 2018! As I talked about in yesterday's post, my overall outlook on this year is to be more present in each moment and to take life day by day, as they come. Here are five things I hope to do along the way:

Outlook on 2018

Hello, happy Sunday, and happy (belated!) New Year! I don't usually post on Sundays, but it's been a while and I wanted to update you all on what's been going on around here. I took last week off of blogging simply because I wasn't having the best start to the new year and I wanted to get my bearings before jumping back in after the holidays. A shattered iPhone, a cancelled trip to New York (supposed to have been this weekend but they got that huge blizzard), and other various personal circumstances left me feeling drained, uninspired, and really, really unmotivated to get online and share about my life. Now I am back and I want to share my goals to turn this year around!