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January Favorites

I asked on Instagram stories last night what type of post I should do to wrap up January on the blog, and I was very excited to see that the majority of you wanted me to share my January favorites. This was something I had in the back of my mind that I wanted to start doing every month, but I wasn't sure if any of you would actually be interested. So... I am really excited to make this a monthly tradition! I think it's so fun to share little tidbits on here, when I have the chance, that aren't always making it into their own individual post throughout the month. 

I love doing This Week's Top 10 links every Friday, even if only for my sake, to curate a collection of other influencers content that really made an impression on me. Whether its great photos, a great story, or just something interesting I learned or loved. I aim to incorporate a mix of products and articles in my "top 10". Truly, they're posts that I really want to share with you all, because they personally inspire me and make me feel excited. That said, if you want to find my favorites when it comes to other people's content, that's where you should check! 

Let's get started on my favorites for the month, shall we?

L I S T E N I N G // If you've been a longtime reader of mine, you might know that I love Alabama Shakes. Brittany, the lead singer, is incredibly talented and John Legend's new song with her is incredible. It's called Darkness and Light (it's on his newest album by the same title) and here is the link to listen. I may or may not have solely listened to it on repeat on my run yesterday morning.

W A T C H I N G // I started and finished This Is Us this month. My mom and I watched both seasons on Hulu over winter break and I have never felt more enamored with a show before. Seriously, it's heart wrenching and perfect in all of the best ways. If you haven't yet watched it and you're looking for a show, watch it!!!! The third season starts this coming Tuesday I believe!

E X E R C I S E // You can read my entire running update blog post here, but this month I have officially fallen in love with running and honestly look forward to going on a run five(ish) days per week. I promise you, if you're trying to get into running, going slow and steady for a while will build you up and make it so much easier and more enjoyable!

W E A R I N G // Well, this won't be too exciting because I just shared yesterday the one outfit I have worn at least 8 times this month. (Like, yes, twice a week) But, I have recently ordered this, this, and these for my trip to New York next week. Oh, and how could I forget about these pink joggers that I wear basically every single day, and my CĂ©line sunglasses that live in on my eyes (similar here).

B E A U T Y // I'm sharing a new video next week with my everyday makeup routine, but I have a new skincare love that I want to share here! Since I got back to my apartment from winter break I've been switching up my moisturizer routine from only post-shower to now once a day. I have been using this Bobbi Brown moisturizer for years and continue to apply it every time after I shower, but I now use this Neutrogena moisturizer in every morning too. The Neutrogena moisturizer feels amazing and leaves my skin so insanely soft and hydrated. It's packed with vitamins and all natural ingredients. I couldn't recommend it more, especially at such a great price!

H A I R // I started using this shampoo last week, and it's seriously incredible. It smells amazing and I really feel like it's working! Is it too soon to tell? I also started using this conditioner, this leave-in conditioner, and this treatment. I use all four (shampoo, conditioner, and both products) every time I wash my hair, which I do every other day.

E A T I N G // Unintentionally I have noticed my sugar cravings dramatically decreased this month. I am convinced it's because I have been running more and that the extra sweat makes me crave more nutrient-dense foods, but no matter what the case, I'm really loving how I feel eating less sugar. I can now make it through a day without dessert! Probably not more than a one-day streak, but that's still an accomplishment to me. One thing worth mentioning because I've eaten it countless times this month: Siggi's Orange and Ginger flavor yogurt. I love Siggi's in all flavors, but this is my favorite (right after the seasonal pumpkin available during the fall!)

D R I N K I N G // I tried a bunch of different flavors of my favorite GT's Kombucha this month, and the Lavender Love and Hibiscus Ginger flavors are both so good. The giant jug was on sale at the grocery store on campus, so I picked up the Tantric Tumeric yesterday! I haven't tried this flavor before but love all GT so I'm sure it'll live up to the expectations. Another drink favorite of the month: I now have a coffee pot in my apartment and these coffee grounds are so delicious.

R E A D I N G // I'm not going to lie, I read nothing this month... I didn't even attempt a book. I'm a little disappointed, but also okay with it because I have a lot of books to read for my classes this semester that seem like they could be interesting! However, I have been keeping up with my favorite blogs! I have been waking up earlier before classes to establish a morning routine, which includes checking my favorite sites, making a cup of tea or coffee, and digging into my Siggi's.

What were some of your January favorites? What do I need to try?

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