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This Week's Top 10

1. It's hard to believe it's my last weekend of winter break and come Monday I'll be back at school to start my second semester at Wisconsin!

2. I have been living in these slippers at home. To see the rest of What I got for Christmas, click here for the video and blog post!

3. I have been trying to work out and eat healthy lately as a part of my 2018 goals, but one part I'm slacking on is the reading. What's one book I need to get my hands on? I need recommendations!

4. Glossier came out with a new product this week, the "solution," and I really want to try it! It's a liquid exfoliator, kind of like a toner, and the results are quite impressive.

5. What a fun hat to brighten up the winter weather!

6. I fell in love with these sunglasses last weekend and can not stop thinking about them!! You can find the rest of my weekend recap (and other things I've been up to lately) here.

7. I'm turning 20 in 2018, and this list of things women wish they had learned before 30 is inspiring to me!

8. As fashion week creeps up on us, I'm loving the street style looks popping up on Pinterest. This more casual outfit is something I could actually see myself trying to recreate!

9. Now this is a très bien pair of pajamas (for under $30!)

10. Get excited for more video content! I film another yesterday and it should be up next week!

What are you up to this weekend? I'll be packing up for school and heading back to campus before classes start on Tuesday. Best of luck to all of you lovelies this semester!

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