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College Going Out Tops Under $50

I haven't even been here at school for a week, but I already know I'm going to need to stock up on going out clothes and frat party attire! Lehigh has a pretty active social life/party scene, so students go out on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, even some Sundays, and then Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well. Especially at this time of year when parties can be so hot and crowded, it's a little too gross to re-wear a top that might've gotten spilled on or gotten sweaty. When my mom constantly isn't around to do your laundry that definitely makes it more necessary to have a few back-up shirts too!

A few places with a really good selection of tops include ASOS (they offer 10% off for students!), Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. Shop below some of my picks, all under $50!

How does your school dress for going out?

Wellesley Row

When Wellesley Row reached out to me and introduced me to the adorable charm bracelets and necklaces, I knew I had to try one out for myself. I wear my Tiffany charm bracelet religiously, but sometimes I feel like I want a nice bracelet on without trying to look too flashy. I chose the classic sterling silver charm bracelet and a few different charms and I really love the youthful and more casual look, while still wearing a really beautiful and high quality piece of jewelry. I dressed it down with one of my favorite beach cover-ups and I love this look for a post-beach afternoon grabbing lunch or a late summer barbecue.

Move-In Day!!

By now you're probably so over my crazy Snapchat horror stories and behind-the-scenes packing mess, but today is officially the day I move into my dorm at Lehigh University! I can't believe I'm not only moving in, but I'll be meeting my roommate for the first time, and hopefully a lot of other people too. The orientation begins today as well for everyone so it's kind of nice that a lot of us will probably be in the same boat for meeting new people (I don't know a single person!) and getting settled in.

I want to thank all of you for being so encouraging on Twitter, Snapchat, and in your comments and notes. You've really helped ease this process and all of my worries! Of course, going to school today is nerve wracking and it's going to be a huge change, but I really am so, so excited to see what Lehigh has in store for me!!

Go Mountainhawks!! Don't forget to keep up with my Instagram and Snapchat for behind the scenes dorm pics ;) To see what I've already purchased for my dorm check out this post! 

New York City Shopping Haul

Helloooooo from Pennsylvania! If you missed my minor update, I'm out at college now and I'm officially blogging from the Lehigh Valley. I want to start recapping my vacation from the last week and a half on the East Coast, so today I'm sharing what I bought in New York City with my Dad. His graduation gift to me was shopping for school in the city, so that's exactly what we did, and I am so excited about all of the goodies we found! (As a disclaimer, this was a requested post and something I wanted to share! I'm not trying to brag in any way, I just thought it'd be fun to show some of my purchases).

Because my bag was lost (honestly, stupidest thing ever. They made me gate check it and literally forgot to put it on the plane), I arrived in New York Thursday night in a sweater when it was 95 degrees out. We were staying at my aunt's on the Upper East Side, so when we woke up on Friday we booked it to Madewell where I got this tee to slip into and picked up this shirt. We really had no idea at that point when my bag would arrive, so we played it safe and continued down Madison Avenue for more shopping. My dad and I both got a few things at Lululemon, which I always get excited about because I basically live in Lulu shorts. We continued into the Barbour where I was so excited to get the Beadnell classic wax jacket and the matching vest as a liner. This jacket was pretty expensive so my dad and I agreed it would be a birthday present; perfect timing that my birthday was on Saturday!

That same night, we ventured into Bloomingdales where I purchased this Free People jacket in navy (not pictured above) for going out at school once it starts to get chilly outside, these shoes that I love, also for going out, and this really cute Free People dress (not pictured above).

On Saturday, my dad and I headed down to Soho for breakfast and more shopping at J. Crew, Club Monaco, and Zara. Club Monaco was having an amazing sale, so I tried on a few things, but I didn't fall in love with anything! I picked up a few tops at J. Crew and then a top and sweater from Zara, but I had trouble finding those online. Overall it was a pretty successful trip in my opinion so I'm so grateful my dad was a good sport for the weekend and I was able to snag a few new things for school!!

I can't believe I move in tomorrow, ahhh!

Leaving for College + Lilly Sale Picks

After missing my flight on Sunday afternoon from Maine, I boarded a plane and a bus yesterday and managed to make it home around 11 AM in the morning. Of course, having 24 hours to pack for school was incredibly stressful (did you see my Snapchat stories @ franacciardo ?!), but my trip was amazing. Despite being a little bit of a travel disaster both going out (losing my bag) and, as mentioned, returning, it really was an incredible ten days. Hopefully today as I embark on my college journey,I'll be off to a good start at the airport and  all of the travel troubles will be out of my system.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to grab brunch with all of my friends that are still in town, and it was wonderful to have just one more chance to say goodbye. Jack is driving my mom and I to the airport tonight, so I've already said goodbye to my dog who is staying with some other pooches for the next couple of days, and at the airport I'll say my final goodbyes to Jack. Going to college has been such a long time coming, obviously, so it's pretty crazy that it's actually here. I've been excited, nervous, scared, anxious, indifferent, and more, all in the last couple of weeks, so I think overall I'm just going to try to keep open-minded and experience the whole thing as it comes!

On a brighter note, literally, the Lilly Pulitzer sale started yesterday and ends today! Lilly only has sales twice a year and the prices are really the best you can find. Shop below some of my favorite picks from the sale:

Did you snag anything for a good deal? Wish me luck as I fly to school!! I move in on Thursday so I have all day tomorrow to pick up some last-minute things and then I'm in for the weekend!!!

Also, don't miss my fringe earrings giveaway going on HERE!


Tassel Earrings + Giveaway

I used to never accessorize. It's funny to look back at my middle school days and remember when my jewelry collection consisted of maybe three bracelets, and possibly nothing else.The two rings I wear everyday (that you see in every outfit post) are to this day the only rings I own and wear, and I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 12! However, in the past couple of years I have grown more comfortable with wearing fun jewelry and making my accessories the focal point of some of my outfits. I tend to stick to simpler clothing pieces, so I love fun earrings like this tassel pair to make my outfit stand out and add a fun touch.

This Week's Top 10

1. It's hard to believe I've been out east for a week already, but I've been having the best time. Hopefully you're keeping up with me on Insta (@theblondeprep) and Snapchat (@franacciardo)!

2. On a similar note, I turn 18 tomorrow! How crazy?!

3. I'm thinking for my birthday we will do a clambake on the ocean here in Maine, but if I were doing something with my friends then I would definitely want to be wearing one of these dresses: tassel dress // one shoulder // off shoulder // pleated dress (they're all on sale!!)

5. I got a Barbour last weekend in New York (!!!) and I couldn't be more excited about it.

6. That said, are you guys interested in a New York shopping haul?

7. I love the feeling of a new Pinterest board, so I created this one and this one the other day!! (What are everyone's thoughts on the new website design on Pinterest too?)

8. Does anyone know the name of this Essie nail polish shade? I really want to try it!

9. J. Crew is having 25% off a bunch of great styles right now, including this cute top and everyone's favorite 3 inch chino shorts for just $20-30!!

10. Less than one week until I move into my dorm!! This weekend will be crazy but I'm excited to fly to school on Tuesday!


3 Ingredient Chipotle Roasted Cauliflower

Ever since spring break in New Orleans, if something has chipotle on the menu, I want it. If it's spicy, I want it. And if it's spicy and doubles as healthy, it's like crack to me. I whipped up this random and extremely easy roasted chipotle cauliflower recipe, and I've been hooked ever since.

All you need is...

A head of cauliflower cut into bite sized pieces
Chipotle hot sauce
Garlic olive oil (or olive oil and some garlic salt)
A dash of Cajun seasoning (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Preheat your oven to 400
2. Cut up your cauliflower and toss with chipotle hot sauce
3. Drizzle on garlic olive oil and toss until the cauliflower is completely coated in oil/sauce. I added a dash of cajun seasoning for a little extra kick!
4. Roast for 25-30 minutes, or until cauliflower is crispy on the edges, but soft and a little brown.
5. Salt and pepper to taste

The cauliflower is so easy, and works for dinner or a side! Just a note: I added almost a 1/3 of the bottle of Chipotle sauce, and used a head of a whole head of cauliflower. The cauliflower had a lot of spice and flavor, so in this case, less is more! It won't look too chipotle-ish, but I promise you'll still taste it!!

Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think!

My Tips for Flying Alone

I've been flying alone since I was 12, and it is one of my favorite things to do. I love airports, and I'm at them so much that I automatically connect to the wifi at O'Hare! Since I've started flying sans parents, I've noticed I actually prefer it, and it's not a big deal or tricky at all. In fact, ever since my first flight alone, I think I've only actually flown with company on my school trip to France, my big trip to Europe last summer, and to New Orleans with my mom... Just a fraction of the trips I've taken in the last several years! 

However, for first-timer's, there are a few tips I have that might help your airport experience go a little bit smoother, from security all the way through to picking up your bags at baggage claim and hailing your ride. Surprisingly, the first really unfortunate experience I've had flying alone was my flight out on this trip on Thursday. I landed in Chicago for my connection, and I was waiting for my bag in the jet bridge because I had to gate-check it since it was too big for the small plane. Turns out they'd left it in Milwaukee. Then, I discovered my connecting flight to LaGuardia was delayed so I'd land at 1 AM. Oh, that was fun. But like I said, really in the long run wasn't that big of a deal.

1. Prepare before you even get to the airport // Check into your flight, screenshot your boarding pass on your phone, and make sure your I.D. is accessible. When you arrive at the airport you should be able to walk right up to security (unless you're checking a bag first, which in that case I always find that doing it outside at the curb is easiest and least busy. Usually they can print your boarding pass for you too if you want a hard copy/don't have it yet).

I always have TSA pre-check when I fly, but if you aren't signed up for it, make sure you wear shoes that are easy to remove and a jacket that isn't too tricky to remove if you have to! (Even if it's hot, bring a jacket or sweater, or even just a wrap n your carry on. It always gets chilly on the plane!)

Having everything organized will make going through security a breeze, and always remember: they will ask for an I.D. You don't want to be fishing around for it! Make sure you have some money, too. Whether it be for snacks, checking a bag that unexpectedly is too large for the plane, or any random emergency, you never want to be without some cash just in case. I really can't stress how important this is, too. There have been so many times that I really shouldn't have had to check my bag and they made me do it anyways, among other things I've needed money for (like upgrading my flight one to avoid an 8 hour layover after my first flight was delayed and I missed the second one. That was not a fun day)

2. In-flight entertainment // Oh, this doesn't just mean your headphones, book, sudoku (#guilty), and three issues of Vogue and Marie Claire (even though you will seriously be at a loss for time killers if you forget those). You always need snacks. Always. I'm the first to admit I think I won't get hungry at the airport, and I always do. When flying alone, you can't rely on your mom to magically pull out the goods from her tote, you've got to load up yourself. Granola bars, popcorn, fruit, nuts... Candy ;) Luckily you can get unlimited water once you've boarded, but you will never regret bringing a few snacks. Another random tip: you can't paint your nails on a plane. They don't let you... I've tried. I learned that one the hard way. 

I think this goes along with in-flight, but don't worry about who you're sitting next to. I've sat next to wacky people, and then I have also sat next to some of the coolest and nicest people too. No one really gives a sh*t though if you want to talk or not... if you do, you can chat as much as you want, and if you don't, they'll get the hint. It really doesn't matter. I used to be really paranoid about who I'd wind up next to, but it never ends up making any difference.

3. Find your ride // All airports have numbers outside saying what claim or passenger pick-up you're at. Make sure to text whoever is getting you the number you're sticking by, and stay there. They'll find you. It looks confusing, but the cars usually have only one path they can take, so your chauffeur will arrive sooner or later! If you're getting an uber or a taxi, or even a shuttle, never just hop in a random car even if it's empty and looks ready to go. Going to the taxi stand or shuttle point will ensure you get in a real taxi, and the driver will legit take you where you need to go. Better to be safe than sorry!

Happy traveling!


When KJP gave me the opportunity to "Show my Ropes" and wear one of their amazing new bracelets, I loved having the opportunity to pull together a look that pretty much just includes my favorite things... stripes, big pearls, white jeans, tan sandals... It really doesn't get better than this! The gold anchor clasp bracelet has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and slowly but surely I'm seeing it incorporate itself into my everyday selection.

This Week's Top 10

1. Hellooooooo from NYC! I'm excited to spend my first full day in New York with my dad, and then Jack will arrive here on Sunday morning. We will be heading to Rhode Island on Monday, so this weekend is going to be the perfect start to a fun trip.

2. What I wish I were traveling with... 

3. Okay, speaking of New York, and hence the donuts above, I'm asking for any and all donut recommendations in NYC! Jack and I both are addicted to the things, and I want to get some on Sunday morning!!

4. I tried on this shirt in store last week and I think I need it.

5. This cute watermelon tank just went on sale!

6. Did you see my new favorite bow-back top on the blog the other day?

7. Really random, but the photos from this "twin convention" are so cool.

8. Currently reading. It's amazing (the second in the series, this one is the first)

9. I want this in my mouth.

10. I'm always looking for ways to amp up and improve TBP. Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Something different or adjusted? Let me know in the comments below, on Instagram, Snapchat me, Tweet me, Email me, or whatever! I love to create content you all want and love so gimme all the feedback you've got!!


I'm Off: NYC, Rhode Island + Maine

I couldn't be more excited for my departure today! I'm heading to New York for the weekend, Rhode Island for the beginning of next week, and Maine (which I've never visited before!) for the rest of next week and next weekend to celebrate my birthday on the 20th. The trip overall has been a long time coming, considering my boyfriend Jack flies out to meet me in New York on Sunday and my dad's graduation gift to me includes lots of back-to-school shopping in the city this weekend. I really can't wait to be reunited with my dad in my favorite cities like New York and Newport, but I'm also sad to say that this trip concludes my summer! It's been hard squeezing in all of my good-byes to my close friends and even my boss yesterday. It's been crazy to look back at graduation, my trip to Door County, my impromptu visit to Martha's Vineyard, even my quick stunt attempt at nannying, because this summer has been so jam packed and busy. I rarely had a "day-off" that meant no work, no plans, nothing to do, so I feel like even looking back I was so occupied that I'm not sure if I completed took in every last moment.

I return to Milwaukee next Sunday evening, and then I fly to school on Tuesday afternoon (the 23rd). Packing for school and unpacking from this big vacation is going to be a hot mess I'm sure, but the anticipation and excitement that will unveil afterward will all be worth it. For now I am just hoping to relax and enjoy my time out east with my brother, my dad, and Jack. I'm especially excited to turn 18 in less than 10 days, and to visit a new state!

Can you even believe this summer is coming to a close?

Bow Back Top

I'm starting to brainstorm outfits I can wear to class in college that are fun and easy, that still make me look put together. This bow back top is amazing- it's so casual and easy to pair with jeans and flats, sandals, or even flip flops! It's also been really nice to wear in this 90 degree weather that we've been having lately because the open back is so breezy that I don't feel trapped inside my shirt! The best part is, it's under $20! 

What's In My Shower Caddy?

Tracking Pixel

Today I'm super excited to share a fun college related post on behalf of Procter & Gamble! Heading back to school this year is a completely new process for me, considering being a freshman in college is much different than heading back to high school. To be completely honest, so much of "back to school" when you're talking college isn't really school, but the whole living aspect. Between packing up all of my clothes and decorating for my dorm, it's easy to forget that I also have to plan out some of my toiletries and beauty products to bring along too. A big part of that means organizing my shower caddy for the oh-so-glamorous communal bathrooms that I'll have the luxury of enjoying!

This Week's Top 10

1. Tonight is the official Olympic Opening Ceremony! I'm super excited to have some of my close friends over to watch it and celebrate.

2. Have you entered my Instagram giveaway yet?! Make sure to do so by tonight!

3. These creamy iced coffee pops look delicious.

4. Because I'm going to brunch this morning and we're on the note of iced coffee, how about this list of the 12 best avocado toast recipes.

5. This fun and bright cami is now half off!

6. I think I could wear this shirt and this shirt every single day in college.

8. The cutest long sleeve rompers for under $100: right here and right here. Obsessed!

9. Did you keep up with my college collab on the blog this week? I shared my dorm room shopping guide, some of the things I've bought for my room, and a bucket list for freshman year.

10. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends this weekend!!! Don't miss out! You can shop my picks here.


Casual College Outfit + GIVEAWAY

Even though yesterday was technically the last day of my college collaboration with the girls, I'm back again today with another (sort of) college post. Today I'm really excited to be partnering with Fraternity Collection to show how it's still possible to look cute in college even when you get lazy and want to wear running shorts and a t-shirt to class. Fraternity Collection was so nice to let me design my own t-shirt, and you can enter to win one for yourself today on my Instagram, too!

College Freshman Bucket List

For my final college collaborative post with Caroline, Renee and Nicole, I'm excited to share my bucket list for freshman year! I've heard of so many fun and unique Lehigh traditions, as well as typical college experiences, and I definitely want to take full advantage of as many cool opportunities  as I can. 

I've always envisioned myself in a sorority, and I'm really excited to rush second semester! I think it'll be a great way to make even more friends, be social, and be a part of a really cool network. I definitely want to visit a few of my other friends at different schools, as well as explore my own school by taking a peek into each building, swimming in one of fountains at Lehigh, and befriending someone totally new! Colleges are so diverse and I really want to try to branch out as much as possible. 

Lehigh also has a really cool tradition called "Le-Laf" week, which is basically a whole spirit week leading up to the Lehigh vs Lafayette football game, which is one of the biggest and oldest college football rivalry's out there! I really want to make it to the big game and see if it exceeds the hype ;)

What is/was on your college freshman bucket list? Anything I need to add? 

Make sure to check out CarolineRenee and Nicole's lists too! It was so fun collaborating with them this week.

My Dorm Room Haul

I'm back with another dorm post with Caroline, Renee and Nicole! Today we are sharing part two of our three-day college collab, and today's post is all about what we have purchased so far for our dorm rooms!

By now you're probably sick of me talking about my rug, so I'll share some deets on everything else I've bought.

Bedding // When my roommate and I first began talking about our dorm and how we wanted to decorate, we immediately discovered that coordinating our bedding without completely matching was going to be the way to go. She ended up deciding on a grey/black patterned duvet, and I opted for the PB Teen pop dot duvet in black. I added a monogram in the middle for good measure, and I had actually wanted solid white bedding with a border and a monogram forever, so I was really excited that it worked out. As for my sheets, my mom found the cutest aqua elephant sheet set for me at TJ Maxx and I'm really excited about those!

Our nightstands // Our dorm is tiny. Like, I know all dorms are small, but I have showed all of my friends the 3D tour of my dorm room, and my room is definitely the smallest of any of the others that I've compared it to. That said, my roommate got two of these bookcases and is adding a wooden top over both, leaving room for our  mini-fridge in the middle underneath. We are going to put this little set-up between our beds and having the spot for the fridge will hopefully save a little bit of room. We also got the cutest pineapple lamps to put on top!

As for other things I've purchased, I snagged this really cute and functional makeup organizer on sale at PB Teen and I'm excited to use it! I love that it matches my sheets and has a few compartments that I can put inside each other or leave apart. I also want to hang photos around my room and I love that these photo clips double as lights! They're USB powered so you don't have to worry about changing the batteries #bonus.

I still have a ton to pick up for my dorm room, but since I fly out to school, I'm planning to get a lot of things once I'm actually in Pennsylvania. Any tips?

Don't forget to see what CarolineRenee and Nicole have purchased for their dorm rooms too!

PS- Happy birthday to my Dad today!!! I can't wait to see him in just nine short days in NYC!!! Ahhh, I am so excited for that trip that I can hardly stand it.

Dorm Shopping Guide: Rugs + Throw Pillows

Hello, hello! Or should I say rabbit, rabbit?! Happy August, my favorite month of the year!

 I'm so excited for this week in posts because I'm officially starting to share a few of my dorm sneak-peeks, all starting with today's shopping guide. The next few days also happen to be a collaboration with Caroline, Renee and Nicole! Today we will each be sharing our picks for shopping for a different dorm category, so read on below for the best places to find rugs and throw pillows, and be sure to check out Caroline's post for bedding, Renee's for desk organization, and Nicole's for closet and clothes organization!

When it came time to decide on a theme and overall vibe for my dorm, I knew getting the area rug was the first thing I'd want to do. Finding a rug is a pretty big step in creating the foundation for your dorm's style (I mean, it literally goes on the floor), so right next to bedding I'd say that you pretty much have a dorm dynamic duo necessary for kicking everything off. I've already shared my dorm rug in this post, but I found a few great websites in my search that I think are wonderful places to find good options. Most dorms work well with a 5x7 size rug, or something similar to that size.
Shop my picks:

Shop more rugs here:
Bed, Bath and Beyond // One King's Lane // Lulu & Georgia

Another aspect of my dorm that I am really excited to get creative with is my bed. Caroline is sharing bedding on her blog today, but I'm sharing my favorite pillows to add on top! There's something about rugs and pillows that just add such a homey, cozy vibe to a room, especially when throw pillows are loaded up on the bed.
Shop my picks:

Shop more pillows here:
Etsy // Target // Anthropologie // Lulu & Georgia

Where have you found cute rugs and throw pillows? I'd love to hear of new places to look.
Be sure to check out CarolineRenee and Nicole's blogs today too!