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My Tips for Flying Alone

I've been flying alone since I was 12, and it is one of my favorite things to do. I love airports, and I'm at them so much that I automatically connect to the wifi at O'Hare! Since I've started flying sans parents, I've noticed I actually prefer it, and it's not a big deal or tricky at all. In fact, ever since my first flight alone, I think I've only actually flown with company on my school trip to France, my big trip to Europe last summer, and to New Orleans with my mom... Just a fraction of the trips I've taken in the last several years! 

However, for first-timer's, there are a few tips I have that might help your airport experience go a little bit smoother, from security all the way through to picking up your bags at baggage claim and hailing your ride. Surprisingly, the first really unfortunate experience I've had flying alone was my flight out on this trip on Thursday. I landed in Chicago for my connection, and I was waiting for my bag in the jet bridge because I had to gate-check it since it was too big for the small plane. Turns out they'd left it in Milwaukee. Then, I discovered my connecting flight to LaGuardia was delayed so I'd land at 1 AM. Oh, that was fun. But like I said, really in the long run wasn't that big of a deal.

1. Prepare before you even get to the airport // Check into your flight, screenshot your boarding pass on your phone, and make sure your I.D. is accessible. When you arrive at the airport you should be able to walk right up to security (unless you're checking a bag first, which in that case I always find that doing it outside at the curb is easiest and least busy. Usually they can print your boarding pass for you too if you want a hard copy/don't have it yet).

I always have TSA pre-check when I fly, but if you aren't signed up for it, make sure you wear shoes that are easy to remove and a jacket that isn't too tricky to remove if you have to! (Even if it's hot, bring a jacket or sweater, or even just a wrap n your carry on. It always gets chilly on the plane!)

Having everything organized will make going through security a breeze, and always remember: they will ask for an I.D. You don't want to be fishing around for it! Make sure you have some money, too. Whether it be for snacks, checking a bag that unexpectedly is too large for the plane, or any random emergency, you never want to be without some cash just in case. I really can't stress how important this is, too. There have been so many times that I really shouldn't have had to check my bag and they made me do it anyways, among other things I've needed money for (like upgrading my flight one to avoid an 8 hour layover after my first flight was delayed and I missed the second one. That was not a fun day)

2. In-flight entertainment // Oh, this doesn't just mean your headphones, book, sudoku (#guilty), and three issues of Vogue and Marie Claire (even though you will seriously be at a loss for time killers if you forget those). You always need snacks. Always. I'm the first to admit I think I won't get hungry at the airport, and I always do. When flying alone, you can't rely on your mom to magically pull out the goods from her tote, you've got to load up yourself. Granola bars, popcorn, fruit, nuts... Candy ;) Luckily you can get unlimited water once you've boarded, but you will never regret bringing a few snacks. Another random tip: you can't paint your nails on a plane. They don't let you... I've tried. I learned that one the hard way. 

I think this goes along with in-flight, but don't worry about who you're sitting next to. I've sat next to wacky people, and then I have also sat next to some of the coolest and nicest people too. No one really gives a sh*t though if you want to talk or not... if you do, you can chat as much as you want, and if you don't, they'll get the hint. It really doesn't matter. I used to be really paranoid about who I'd wind up next to, but it never ends up making any difference.

3. Find your ride // All airports have numbers outside saying what claim or passenger pick-up you're at. Make sure to text whoever is getting you the number you're sticking by, and stay there. They'll find you. It looks confusing, but the cars usually have only one path they can take, so your chauffeur will arrive sooner or later! If you're getting an uber or a taxi, or even a shuttle, never just hop in a random car even if it's empty and looks ready to go. Going to the taxi stand or shuttle point will ensure you get in a real taxi, and the driver will legit take you where you need to go. Better to be safe than sorry!

Happy traveling!

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  1. I love these tips! I've never flown alone as I live on the east coast so we usually drive not fly for vacations (this year was the first time I flew since the sixth grade!) but I will definitely save this for the future!



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