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I'm Off: NYC, Rhode Island + Maine

I couldn't be more excited for my departure today! I'm heading to New York for the weekend, Rhode Island for the beginning of next week, and Maine (which I've never visited before!) for the rest of next week and next weekend to celebrate my birthday on the 20th. The trip overall has been a long time coming, considering my boyfriend Jack flies out to meet me in New York on Sunday and my dad's graduation gift to me includes lots of back-to-school shopping in the city this weekend. I really can't wait to be reunited with my dad in my favorite cities like New York and Newport, but I'm also sad to say that this trip concludes my summer! It's been hard squeezing in all of my good-byes to my close friends and even my boss yesterday. It's been crazy to look back at graduation, my trip to Door County, my impromptu visit to Martha's Vineyard, even my quick stunt attempt at nannying, because this summer has been so jam packed and busy. I rarely had a "day-off" that meant no work, no plans, nothing to do, so I feel like even looking back I was so occupied that I'm not sure if I completed took in every last moment.

I return to Milwaukee next Sunday evening, and then I fly to school on Tuesday afternoon (the 23rd). Packing for school and unpacking from this big vacation is going to be a hot mess I'm sure, but the anticipation and excitement that will unveil afterward will all be worth it. For now I am just hoping to relax and enjoy my time out east with my brother, my dad, and Jack. I'm especially excited to turn 18 in less than 10 days, and to visit a new state!

Can you even believe this summer is coming to a close?


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  2. Have fun on your trip!! I am actually from New York so if you want any recommendations you can ask me :) Also, where in RI are you going? My grandmother has a house on Narragansett Bay!! And happy early birthday!!


  3. Have so much fun on your trip! Maine is the best! I go to a new spot every summer, and love it more and more every time. Hit me up if you need any suggestions!


  4. Have fun on your trip!!! That photo is absolutely gorgeous!

    XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson

  5. Sounds like a perfect way to end the summer (and get some new clothes for school!) Have fun!



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