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This Week's Top 10

1. It's hard to believe I've been out east for a week already, but I've been having the best time. Hopefully you're keeping up with me on Insta (@theblondeprep) and Snapchat (@franacciardo)!

2. On a similar note, I turn 18 tomorrow! How crazy?!

3. I'm thinking for my birthday we will do a clambake on the ocean here in Maine, but if I were doing something with my friends then I would definitely want to be wearing one of these dresses: tassel dress // one shoulder // off shoulder // pleated dress (they're all on sale!!)

5. I got a Barbour last weekend in New York (!!!) and I couldn't be more excited about it.

6. That said, are you guys interested in a New York shopping haul?

7. I love the feeling of a new Pinterest board, so I created this one and this one the other day!! (What are everyone's thoughts on the new website design on Pinterest too?)

8. Does anyone know the name of this Essie nail polish shade? I really want to try it!

9. J. Crew is having 25% off a bunch of great styles right now, including this cute top and everyone's favorite 3 inch chino shorts for just $20-30!!

10. Less than one week until I move into my dorm!! This weekend will be crazy but I'm excited to fly to school on Tuesday!


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  1. Your trip looks and sounds like so much fun!! I have yet to explore out east, besides NYC, but really want to in the future! Also, good luck in college Fran & have so much fun! Btw I think that nail polish is After School Boy Blazer (a favorite of mine!).

    Xo, Kate //


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