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This Week's Top 10

1. Hellooooooo from NYC! I'm excited to spend my first full day in New York with my dad, and then Jack will arrive here on Sunday morning. We will be heading to Rhode Island on Monday, so this weekend is going to be the perfect start to a fun trip.

2. What I wish I were traveling with... 

3. Okay, speaking of New York, and hence the donuts above, I'm asking for any and all donut recommendations in NYC! Jack and I both are addicted to the things, and I want to get some on Sunday morning!!

4. I tried on this shirt in store last week and I think I need it.

5. This cute watermelon tank just went on sale!

6. Did you see my new favorite bow-back top on the blog the other day?

7. Really random, but the photos from this "twin convention" are so cool.

8. Currently reading. It's amazing (the second in the series, this one is the first)

9. I want this in my mouth.

10. I'm always looking for ways to amp up and improve TBP. Anything you want to see more of? Less of? Something different or adjusted? Let me know in the comments below, on Instagram, Snapchat me, Tweet me, Email me, or whatever! I love to create content you all want and love so gimme all the feedback you've got!!



  1. If you're up to traveling to Brooklyn, Peter Pan Doughnuts is like, the coolest low-key legit old-school Polish bakery. Apparently J. Lo goes there all the time. I never seen J. Lo in my neighborhood but whatever.

    If you want a hipper, like, more Manhattan donut experience, Donut Plant on 23rd is like underneath the old Chelsea Hotel (yeah, where Sid stabbed Nancy!* *allegedly). They have the sickest donuts, sickest bathroom, and Chelsea is like one of my favourite neighborhoods to kick it in.


  2. NYC has so many amazing doughnut places like Dough, Donut Plant, Doughnuttery & Dominique Ansel Bakery have amazing cronuts !! I hope this helps :)



  3. Insomnia Cookies, there are a few locations throughout the city, has really good donuts. I know the name is misleading but they have cookies and donuts :)

  4. I would recommend all of the above doughnut places, especially Peter Pan and Dough. But Dough is hands-down my favorite. The doughnuts are huge, super light, and just amazing. Sunday morning could mean a line/sell-out for either of these places, though, particularly Peter Pan. Have an amazing time in NYC! As for suggestions, it seems like you enjoy cooking/baking, so I'd love to see more baking recipes on the blog!

    Alexa |

  5. Hope you have an awesome time in NYC, I was just there over spring break and loved it!



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