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This is extremely embarrassing, but as I was cleaning out my computer last night I found a few embarrassing pictures that I thought would be funny to share. I typically delete my bloopers right away on my camera so that there is no evidence of them ever to be seen again, but I did find a few gems hidden away yesterday...

Typical, not ready for the picture. And I may or may not be part cat... yay or nay on the mane? ;)

Trying to remain calm but I was actually getting attacked by a dog and my eyebrows look like they could reach the southern tip of Mexico if they don't stop growing.

I've been lying about my age, I'm actually only 7 years old.

I was eating while I was shooting this outfit... #noshame

Sometimes I also make phone calls...

Or have mental breakdowns... And no, you're eyes aren't fooling you, I am sobbing in this picture (it's a long story...) wanna see more? 

Mascara running down my face and everything... it's ok, you can laugh... they're funny now, I guess. 

Share your bloopers! I'd love to see! I wish I had more... I'll try to save them from now on to do a part 2!

A Peek Inside My iPhone...

Is it just me, or is anyone else super nosy when it comes to other people's cell phones?! I love knowing what kinds of apps people download, or how they organize their apps, and some people just have really cute backgrounds too. Here's a peek inside my iPhone 5s for anyone else who might be just like me ;)

My most used apps are definitely messages, mail, and Instagram. I have this weird thing where I like a lot of my apps to be in folders, so that's why I keep Instagram separated from my bottom row. I found my background on tumblr {here} and cropped and rotated it to fit as a wallpaper. I always keep my home screen and lock screen wallpapers the same because I can't stand it when they don't match.

I'm not sure why, but I don't like having a lot of apps on each page. DWC is my folder for all things blogging related, in case you couldn't tell :) I keep a lot of things in random folders...

...and yes, I have an app called shit with a dollar sign. Also, I don't have any games on phone besides 2048 which I don't even play anymore, so if you put in a good word about the Kim Kardashian game then maybe I'll consider it. On another hand, I can't stand notifications, so that's a good motivator to actually read my emails and update my apps and actually reply to people's texts... if you're wondering what it's like to be in the DWC group chat, you don't want to know!

How do you organize your apps?

What Should I Wear To My Birthday Party?

With my birthday coming up in less than a month and my party just around the corner, I've been keeping busy sending out invites and trying to decide what to wear. It definitely helps knowing I have plenty of stylish readers who can help me decide on an outfit! I picked out a few dresses below and I would love your feedback on which dress I should pick! (A special shoutout to Summer Wind for giving me a few options!)

Please help a sister out and comment below! Dress 1, 2, or 3? {Click the black icons to be taken to the product!}

Easiest Guacamole Recipe

I never tried guacamole until about a month ago when my dad made me make it for an appetizer. Let's just say that when you have no idea how something tastes, it can be almost 10 times harder to try to make it yourself. Fortunately for me, I found the easiest guac recipe online that also doubles as the most delicious (I may be biased...), and I've loved guac ever since.

If you follow along on twitter, you saw the outtake of me shooting the final product {here}. Caroline was the first person to ever try my guacamole and I didn't kill her, so the recipe should be safe ;)

What You'll Need...
Avocados (All ingredients will work for a ratio to three avocados)
1/3 small Tomato
About one tablespoon chopped onion
Two cloves of garlic
1/2 lime
Salt - to taste

Cut open your avocados and remove the pits. Cut out the entire inside of each half and put in a bowl to mash.

Chop tomatoes and onions and toss into the mix.

Stir very well! It's important that everything is mixed together evenly.

Add lime and salt! I like to add a ton of lime and even more salt, but make sure to keep tasting so you don't go overboard.

Stir some more...

And you're done! Super fast, easy, and healthy too. Serve with chips and you've got a delicious snack or appetizer!

What's your favorite guacamole recipe?

Rhode Island Recap Part 2

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing part 2 of my recap from my vacation to Rhode Island...

The shopping in Newport is amazing, so we went downtown on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to shop when it wasn't quite nice enough to head to the beach. I didn't pick up these shoes but I did try them on and omg, they're so cute.

I carried my Boat & Tote with me everywhere, and I snapped this picture at Bannister's Wharf after a little bit of shopping on Thames St.

The three days we spent in downtown Newport were perfect for shopping and seeing the mansions. The best thing I purchased on my trip? My friends and I got these cute spirit jerseys and sported them at the beach on Thursday!

The Breakers is probably the most famous of the mansions in Newport. We toured this on Tuesday because my friends had never seen it, but I had toured it before when I was younger. It's so interesting to see how decorating has really changed over the years and, let alone, tour a mansion!

Second Beach in Newport is one of the best. We went on Friday (I think... all the days are blurring together!) and the American flags on the lifeguard chairs killed me. I die for American pride, kids.

Just another hair pic... Surprised?

The Chanler Hotel at the Cliff Walk must be the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen! We did the Cliff Walk before lunch on Saturday and this picture does not do The Chanler justice. It's gorgeous!

Panini and salad to finish off the trip! I spent the rest of the day in Boston before flying home Sunday morning. The trip was amazing, and I am so blessed to have been able to take my friends along!

On another note, what are you doing this weekend? Anything exciting? Do share!

Rhode Island Recap Part 1

My trip to Rhode Island was so much fun. Bringing along two friends was a blast, and I loved spending a week in my favorite place on earth. I was in Rhode Island for 8 days, and each day was so much fun. Like I said, I had a 12 day streak of eating ice cream and trying out new shops and flavors was one of the best parts about the vacation. The bad news, almost every good picture I took wound up on Instagram, so today I will be sharing a lot from my feed. The good news, there are a few surprises in here! 

I drove from NYC to Rhode Island Friday afternoon, so I stayed with my grandma at her house in Providence on Friday night. We went to get ice cream and the banana with sprinkles was amazing!

Everything about Rhode Island is cute. It's so quintessential New England, so going on a walk with my grandma on Saturday morning was so beautiful and scenic! Just walking down the street and having a view like this is a real seller in my book.

By Saturday afternoon I had arrived at my house and we had our traditional classic Acciardo family clambake on Saturday night. Lobsters are kind of my obsession and they're my favorite food so of course I wore my lobster tee to be twinning with the love of my life (ha, kidding).

My dad and I were fooling around with the lobsters before we threw them in the pot.

The weather on Sunday was perfect, so my friends and I went to the beach for the whole afternoon. Fun fact: I love boogie boarding and the waves in Rhode Island are wonderful. Jumping and riding the waves is probably one my favorite things to do during the summer.

This house down the street from mine was so beautiful I couldn't not take a picture of it. It's everything you imagine a New England house would be! I was actually on a run when I took this picture (I didn't work out at all for two weeks besides this one run... pray for me) so I probably looked like a fool stopping in the middle of the street and taking pictures of a house.

Lunch at the Black Pearl on Monday was so delicious on Monday. This is a snap of what downtown Bannister's Wharf looks like!

We snapped this picture before heading out of downtown Newport on Monday.

Have you gone on any fun vacations this summer? Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

Mid-Summer Playlist

Summer Playlist

With summer halfway over (crying), I thought it would be fun to share what I'm listening to. After spending two weeks on vacation, I discovered a bunch of new songs that I can't get enough of. Between plane rides and various dance parties, my playlist has evolved and I'm kind of obsessed. A couple oldies, a classic, and a little alternative is just how I like it! I always try to stray away from pop to broaden my music taste... it's hard but so worth when you discover a new song!

What have you been listening to lately? I love hearing suggestions and adding to my list!

Listen to the playlist on Spotify {HERE}

Styling White on White

J. Crew T-Shirt (sold out, girls version here) // Ralph Lauren Jeans // Jack Rogers sandals // 
Vuarnet Sunglasses // Louis Vuitton Bag // Ropes Maine bracelet

Today Caroline, Sammy, and I are all sharing an outfit styling white jeans. I changed into this outfit after the conference on Wednesday to be a little more comfortable and casual while exploring more of NYC. The white on white look is hands down the easiest way to look good without putting any effort into an outfit! Something about jeans and a t-shirt...


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is no doubt the best sale of the year, and there is such a huge selection of products that anyone can find something! Shop the widget above to see a few of my favorite picks, or you can shop the entire sale {here}.

What have you purchased from the sale? Have a great day!

NYC Recap Part 4+5

Day 4 of of trip to NYC was the last day of the conference! I spent the majority of my time with friends like Sloane, Sammy, Chloe, Caroline, and Katelyn (not pictured). 

The second day of the conference was wonderful, of course. After, Chloe, Sammy, Caroline and I all ran back to the hotel to change and snap a few pics in Lincoln Center before grabbing dinner at the Smith with Sloane.

Dinner was so much fun catching up and spending time with friends.

This picture is from Thursday, but I spent Friday brunching with Carly and Caroline before heading out of town to Rhode Island! Stay tuned for recaps of my other vacation!


The Things I Didn't Buy

The shopping in Rhode Island has always tickled my fancy, especially the boutiques on Thames St in Newport. I've been shopping on Thames for many summers since I was little and every year I leave the town wishing I made a few more purchases than I did. You'd think I would've learned my lesson by now... oops!


This year I went a little overboard and spent every single dollar in my wallet until I was down to pennies. Literally, I didn't have any dimes or nickels or anything left except pennies! A few things I spotted and wished I picked up...

Lobster iPhone Case | My favorite boutique in Newport is Chace N' Lulu, where I found both this phone case and the wedges. If you saw {this post} on Instagram, you may have caught on that I'm a little bit of a lobster fanatic. I saw this case in the boutique on Tuesday but when I went to purchase it on Wednesday it had already sold. However, I did find it online and I'm definitely going to order it.

Kate Spade Bow Wedges | I {instagrammed these shoes} and I'm regretting not snatching them up! However, they were a little bit of a splurge to purchase such a summery shoe halfway through the season.

Kai Lotion | Sammy offered me a little bit of her Kai lotion at the SGG Summit and I can not get enough of how good it smelled! A boutique in Newport carries a bunch of Kai products, but for some reason I didn't think to pick up a bottle of lotion.

Tiffany's Table Manners | This book is adorable. I spotted it in a few shops and I'm not sure why I didn't pick it up! Such a cute idea for girls of all ages, and the perfect Tiffany blue table topper for a pop of color in any room.

Anything you wished you purchased recently? Have a great weekend! I fly home on Sunday.

Behind the Louis Vuitton

There have been a lot of questions recently about the Louis Vuitton Speedy that I carried with me in New York last week. Today I want to discuss the handbag in it's entirety!

{How funny is this selfie from C. Wonder? I think it's hilarious; I was trying on so many pairs of sunglasses!}

I'm going to be completely frank in this post; I don't believe that children or even teenagers should carry around designers handbags. Kate Spade or Tory Burch is probably the highest luxury you should be purchasing under 17 or 18 years of age. However, here I am sporting an iconic Louis Vuitton and I'm 15 years old. To clarify any confusion, my mom purchased this handbag when she was 18 in Paris. It's vintage so I have no idea if it's actually the Speedy 30 or 35, but it is a Speedy. She lets me borrow it when I ask and I think that is very kind of her.

I brought the Louis Vuitton to New York because I knew it would be the perfect size for the week and it's a classic bag that I could wear with all of my outfits. I wasn't planning on showing it off or anything, which I think a few people may have mistaken it for. I took a random strap from another purse that I found and hooked it onto the LV which made the bag extremely easy for this vacation. The strap did not match the bag at all so if you look closely at any pictures from the trip you can tell that the strap is completely separate. Another reason that I brought the Louis Vuitton compared to my other handbags is because the zipper has a lock on the end that made me feel really safe when jumping on the Subway or walking around crowded areas in the city. 

The purse worked wonderfully for the trip and I'm super happy I brought it. It added a chic factor to all of my looks that made me feel super cool, so I'm really grateful my mom let me borrow it for the week!

What is your most versatile handbag? I hope that cleared up any confusion!

NYC Recap Part 2 + 3

Yesterday I shared an outfit from day 2, Tuesday, last week in NYC. Tuesday was a super laid back day perfect for exploring the city. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather all week long so it was easy to be spontaneous and roam around the city without worrying about rain, something that I've experienced a little too much of here in Rhode Island. A few snaps from Tuesday...

{Side note: how amazing is the iPhone 5s? This picture was taken on my phone and I can't get over how nice it is to be able to post iPhone pictures on the blog without delivering sub-par content!} Caroline and I had breakfast {aka Dunkin Donut's} at Tiffany's on Tuesday morning which was so fun. We took a few pictures, of course, and enjoyed a really unhealthy, delicious, breakfast.

I talked a little more about Tuesday in my post yesterday, so you can read that {here} if you missed it.

On Wednesday was the first day of the SGG Summit! I got to meet Sammy, Sloane, Chloe, and so many others in real life and it was beyond exciting!

Sammy and I were fast friends and spent a ton of time together once we met; she's such a gem! The conference was a great experience {read about that here} and I'm so grateful I had the chance to attend. The navy dress above is what I wore to the conference and the white outfit was a quick change for pictures.

Stay tuned for more recaps and outfits!