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Rhode Island Recap Part 2

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing part 2 of my recap from my vacation to Rhode Island...

The shopping in Newport is amazing, so we went downtown on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to shop when it wasn't quite nice enough to head to the beach. I didn't pick up these shoes but I did try them on and omg, they're so cute.

I carried my Boat & Tote with me everywhere, and I snapped this picture at Bannister's Wharf after a little bit of shopping on Thames St.

The three days we spent in downtown Newport were perfect for shopping and seeing the mansions. The best thing I purchased on my trip? My friends and I got these cute spirit jerseys and sported them at the beach on Thursday!

The Breakers is probably the most famous of the mansions in Newport. We toured this on Tuesday because my friends had never seen it, but I had toured it before when I was younger. It's so interesting to see how decorating has really changed over the years and, let alone, tour a mansion!

Second Beach in Newport is one of the best. We went on Friday (I think... all the days are blurring together!) and the American flags on the lifeguard chairs killed me. I die for American pride, kids.

Just another hair pic... Surprised?

The Chanler Hotel at the Cliff Walk must be the most beautiful hotel I've ever seen! We did the Cliff Walk before lunch on Saturday and this picture does not do The Chanler justice. It's gorgeous!

Panini and salad to finish off the trip! I spent the rest of the day in Boston before flying home Sunday morning. The trip was amazing, and I am so blessed to have been able to take my friends along!

On another note, what are you doing this weekend? Anything exciting? Do share!


  1. Love the pictures Frannie! I'm heading to LA this week and can't wait.


    P.S.-Love that tote!!

  2. Great post Frannie! OBSESSED with the spirit jersey pic!

  3. so jealous! my weekend was spent at work :(

    absolutely loving your spirit jersey and monogrammed tote!

    Makeshift Munch

  4. Love your blog! I forgot to pick up a spirit jersey when I was in Newport a couple weeks ago. Where did you get yours? Love the navy!


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