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The Things I Didn't Buy

The shopping in Rhode Island has always tickled my fancy, especially the boutiques on Thames St in Newport. I've been shopping on Thames for many summers since I was little and every year I leave the town wishing I made a few more purchases than I did. You'd think I would've learned my lesson by now... oops!


This year I went a little overboard and spent every single dollar in my wallet until I was down to pennies. Literally, I didn't have any dimes or nickels or anything left except pennies! A few things I spotted and wished I picked up...

Lobster iPhone Case | My favorite boutique in Newport is Chace N' Lulu, where I found both this phone case and the wedges. If you saw {this post} on Instagram, you may have caught on that I'm a little bit of a lobster fanatic. I saw this case in the boutique on Tuesday but when I went to purchase it on Wednesday it had already sold. However, I did find it online and I'm definitely going to order it.

Kate Spade Bow Wedges | I {instagrammed these shoes} and I'm regretting not snatching them up! However, they were a little bit of a splurge to purchase such a summery shoe halfway through the season.

Kai Lotion | Sammy offered me a little bit of her Kai lotion at the SGG Summit and I can not get enough of how good it smelled! A boutique in Newport carries a bunch of Kai products, but for some reason I didn't think to pick up a bottle of lotion.

Tiffany's Table Manners | This book is adorable. I spotted it in a few shops and I'm not sure why I didn't pick it up! Such a cute idea for girls of all ages, and the perfect Tiffany blue table topper for a pop of color in any room.

Anything you wished you purchased recently? Have a great weekend! I fly home on Sunday.


  1. This is SO true! I hate it when I find something I really like & either don't have the money to get it at that time or come back later & it's gone. That really chaps my behind! :)

  2. Excuse me, but I need those shoes, and that phone case... and everything else! MISS YOU!!!!!!


  3. Those shoes are so perfect! I'm in love!


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