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This is extremely embarrassing, but as I was cleaning out my computer last night I found a few embarrassing pictures that I thought would be funny to share. I typically delete my bloopers right away on my camera so that there is no evidence of them ever to be seen again, but I did find a few gems hidden away yesterday...

Typical, not ready for the picture. And I may or may not be part cat... yay or nay on the mane? ;)

Trying to remain calm but I was actually getting attacked by a dog and my eyebrows look like they could reach the southern tip of Mexico if they don't stop growing.

I've been lying about my age, I'm actually only 7 years old.

I was eating while I was shooting this outfit... #noshame

Sometimes I also make phone calls...

Or have mental breakdowns... And no, you're eyes aren't fooling you, I am sobbing in this picture (it's a long story...) wanna see more? 

Mascara running down my face and everything... it's ok, you can laugh... they're funny now, I guess. 

Share your bloopers! I'd love to see! I wish I had more... I'll try to save them from now on to do a part 2!


  1. HAHAHHA dying. these are amazing fran! and you might have inspired me to share a few of my bloopers. one day. down the road. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness this made my day!!! These are great, and trust me we all have way worse!

    xoxo Carrie

  3. This is a great blog post! I love these!
    But ours are much worse if we ever had the courage to post them!


  4. OMG Fran these are too funny! I may have to share some of my own! Such a great idea and I have way too many bad photos! Haha!

    XO, Katelyn //

  5. Blooper pics? Classic and definitely a solid post idea. Now you HAVE to share why you were hysterical..a blog post in itself! Going to hope a hot male in the celeb realm tweeted at you ;-)

  6. This is too funny! We should all do these. Love it!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  7. Oh my gosh, these are great. I love it, haha!

    - Kirstin

  8. These are hilarious! Just followed you! xx

    Amy || Coral Native

  9. Too funny! And I admire your willingness to share the last two. A lot of people wouldn't post pictures of themselves crying. It's always good to laugh at the past thought :)


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