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NYC Recap Part 4+5

Day 4 of of trip to NYC was the last day of the conference! I spent the majority of my time with friends like Sloane, Sammy, Chloe, Caroline, and Katelyn (not pictured). 

The second day of the conference was wonderful, of course. After, Chloe, Sammy, Caroline and I all ran back to the hotel to change and snap a few pics in Lincoln Center before grabbing dinner at the Smith with Sloane.

Dinner was so much fun catching up and spending time with friends.

This picture is from Thursday, but I spent Friday brunching with Carly and Caroline before heading out of town to Rhode Island! Stay tuned for recaps of my other vacation!


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  1. So exciting! I'm so bummed I was busy those days and couldn't make it to the conference... Glad to see you had a blast though!


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