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October Favorites

Tomorrow's Halloween!!!!! I can't believe it. I love Octobers and I'm always sad to see them go. This month there have been so many things I've been loving. From new favorite beauty products to a newfound addiction for hot sauce, I'm excited to share my October obsessions! Warning: there are a lot.

Fall Palette

I can't believe how long it's been since I last shared a formal outfit post! Taking consistent outfit pictures has never been my strong suit, but I'm always happy when I do get around to it and can share more outfits with you.

Fall Sweaters Under $50

What better way to refresh your fall wardrobe than by adding a few sweaters to your repertoire? I've rounded up nine chic sweaters that would make for versatile closet staples all season long, at the best price point.

Easy and CUTE Halloween Costumes 2019

Hellloooooo and happy Halloween szn! My mom is the biggest Halloween fanatic of anyone I've ever met, so I've grown up always taking Halloween very seriously. In college, Halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate because everyone always dresses up in fun costumes and has themed parties. Last year my friends and I went to an insane, spooky party and all dressed up as goth girls. This year I'm not sure exactly what our plans are, but I'm already brainstorming costume ideas. Below I've crafted a few costume ideas and easy, cute ways to recreate them.

Hanging Out Alone + Anthro Finds

This past weekend all of my roommates were gone, leaving me to my own devices and an entire apartment to myself! I live with three of my best friends, and I generally consider myself a dependent person (one of my New Year's Resolutions was to become more independent!), so when I found out I would be in the apartment alone for the weekend, I panicked a little. I thought about going home for the weekend but I ultimately decided I should just stay, get a lot of homework done, be productive, and relax.

Interview Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

Today is my big interview! I'm so excited about this opportunity, so please wish me luck! In honor of this, I thought I would share my best interview tips with you all. With three internships under my belt, I've done my fair share of interviews and I would like to think I have a decent grasp on how to handle them! (I don't want to jinx it though!!!) I can talk about myself all day long, so I'm really lucky that interviews don't stress me out too much. However, I know that not everyone feels this way, so I want to share some specific tips that genuinely make a difference for me when it comes down to having a great interview.

My Fall ~Vibey~ Playlist!

Oh, I can't even begin to describe how elated I am that it finally looks, feels, and smells like fall over here!!! Fall is by far my favorite season. Big sweaters, crisp air... it's so precious. This month I've been adding songs to my monthly playlist as always, but I also made a bigger, seasonal, fall ~vibes~ playlist that I wanted to share. It's actually a continuation of an OG playlist of mine, but I just love the vibes it gives off. It's the kind of indie/folk/alternative, chill, mellow, but just really quality music that makes you feel like putting on a huge sweater to go for a walk and get a latte. Ugh. I can't stop listening to it!

Specific artists I am especially into: Mt. Joy, The Head and the Heart, Whitney, and Shakey Graves. Of course, these are some of my all-time favorite bands anyway, but especially in the fall they just fit my mood so well.

Are there any artists that put you in the fall mood?


Fall Interview Outfit Ideas

I have a very exciting interview coming up in less than a week that will not only require a business casual outfit but a little trip across the country as well! I am so excited about this opportunity and I'm crossing my fingers that I can share more will all of you soon if it goes well.

The dress code is business casual, and as I began to outfit plan for the interview, it became quickly apparent to me that finding a balance between looking professional without being overdressed is actually kind of a challenge! I know I'm not the only one struggling through interview season right now, so I've rounded up some professional, interview-appropriate attire for all of you going through the same thing!