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Thanksgiving in Boston Recap

Happy Thursday! It's hard to believe Thanksgiving was only a week ago. It somehow feels like it's been forever since I've had a break from school, but I know it's just because this time of the year gets so crazy with finals coming up. I mentioned my Thanksgiving a little bit, but I wanted to share a full recap of what my weekend looked like in Boston because it was so much fun.

What I Bought + My Favorite Things On Sale

Hellloooo and happy Cyber Monday! Since the sales are still going on, I thought it would be fun to share what I purchased from the sales already and which of my current favorite things are currently on sale.

The Best Sales This Weekend

Happy Saturday! I just made it home from Boston this morning and I'm feeling so thankful that I got to spend the last few days with my extended family. I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Ours was cold, but lovely and definitely went by way too quickly. I was trying to stay off of my phone and social media and just enjoy my time with my family, so I didn't share much on here or Instagram. Today I wanted to pop on though and share some of the sales I'm taking advantage of that are still going on this weekend!

My Favorite Ways To Unwind

Thanksgiving break could not be coming at a more perfect time in the semester. After the stress of midterms and just grinding along the last few weeks at school, I am so excited to head out of town for a few days and take some time to relax! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to unwind at school so when we get back to classes next week we can all have a little reminder to take time for ourselves even as finals approach. Hands down my favorite way to relax is to sink into my new Tempurpedic mattress. It's changed the game for me and has definitely made the amount of time I want to spend in my bed increase dramatically.

Gift Guide: Mom

I'm so excited to head home for Thanksgiving break today! My flight to Boston isn't until tomorrow afternoon, so it'll be nice to spend tonight and tomorrow with my mom before visiting my dad's side of the family. With Thanksgiving only two days away, I'm sure we are all anticipating the Black Friday sales that are coming up at the end of the week! One person I always like to shop for during Black Friday is my mom. I'm sure most of you feel the same way-- shopping for your mom is so hard. You want to get her something nice that she will love and use and maybe wouldn't get for herself. Black Friday is the perfect time to take advantage of sales and splurge a little on your mom! So, today I thought would be great timing to share some ideas and inspiration for what to gift your mom this season.

This Week's Top 10

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1. 3 New York Baristas Spill the Deets on Tips, Regulars and Oat Milk // I read this article on Man Repeller on Wednesday morning and could hardly wait to share it. I find baristas fascinating. Maybe it's a stereotype, but baristas always strike me as down to earth and genuine people, and I absolutely loved this article. Truly one of the best I've read in a while-- check it out!

3. The Everygirl editors shared their favorite items from Trader Joe's and not a single one coincides with my personal faves! IMO, next time you're in Trader Joe's, you cannot leave without the cruciferous crunch salad mix, white truffle potato chips, or butternut squash soup. What's your favorite TJ's item?! By far it's my favorite place to grocery shop and I'm always looking for inspiration (I've gotten so lazy and literally eat the same exact things everyday, haha).

Mid-Semester Recap

With the second wave of midterms finally behind me and Thanksgiving just next week, the end of this semester is creeping up so quickly! For the last couple of weeks I have been swamped with exams, papers, and projects in all five of my classes, so I thought it would be nice to do a little life recap now that all of that is behind me. I shared another small recap a few weeks ago, but I think this kind of post is so fun to look back on, so I'm just going to go ahead and do another ;)

Gift Guide: For the Girl Who Has Everything

It's gift guide season!!! I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit (who doesn't?!) and I'm so excited to start listening to Christmas music and shopping for all of my friends and family after Thanksgiving next week. I got a little too excited to share gift guides, so I'm starting a little early, but I figured that's better than starting too late! My roommates and I all worked together to create this year's repertoire of gift guides (I love them and so grateful they were excited to help me!), so you can be assured that these gifts are all approved by multiple highly selective, particular, stylish girls ;)
 Up first, one of my favorites: the gift guide for the girl who has everything!

A Perfect Red Sweater

By now I feel like I've shared this sweater so much (here and here for example) that it's only appropriate to dedicate a post to it. These photos are probably my favorites I've taken this semester, so I couldn't go without sharing them! I also felt this outfit is a fitting Thanksgiving outfit idea, especially relevant given yesterday's post. I didn't used to like the color red at all, but since transferring to UW where the colors are red and white, I pick up pieces in red whenever I can, and this sweater is by far my favorite red-colored piece I own.

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

How is Thanksgiving next week?! I'm so excited to spend the holiday in Boston this year with my dad's side of the family. Although my brother is abroad and neither of my parents are coming along, I know I'll have such a fun weekend in New England with my aunts, grandma, and cousins. I can't wait!

October Favorites

I love Octobers. Fall is probably my favorite season, and I associate it most with October. It went by crazy fast this year between midterms and spontaneous trips home, but it was definitely a fun month while it lasted. Fall semesters are always a good time with game days each Saturday, and it's hard to believe we had our last one (besides Thanksgiving weekend, but most of us won't be here!) this past Saturday. Here's what I was loving in October:

This Week's Top 10

1. Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope you all had a fun Halloween week and are starting to get excited about the holidays too now that it's November! Speaking of holiday... the gift guides are going to start soon! Is there anything or anyone in particular you're shopping for?

2. What did you dress up as for Halloween? I shared a recap from the Halloween party I went to last weekend in a blog post here, and then I dressed up again as a tennis player on Tuesday night when we went out for Halloween at school.

3. Also on the blog this week I shared a ton of pieces I'm currently loving from ASOS.