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This Week's Top 10

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1. 3 New York Baristas Spill the Deets on Tips, Regulars and Oat Milk // I read this article on Man Repeller on Wednesday morning and could hardly wait to share it. I find baristas fascinating. Maybe it's a stereotype, but baristas always strike me as down to earth and genuine people, and I absolutely loved this article. Truly one of the best I've read in a while-- check it out!

3. The Everygirl editors shared their favorite items from Trader Joe's and not a single one coincides with my personal faves! IMO, next time you're in Trader Joe's, you cannot leave without the cruciferous crunch salad mix, white truffle potato chips, or butternut squash soup. What's your favorite TJ's item?! By far it's my favorite place to grocery shop and I'm always looking for inspiration (I've gotten so lazy and literally eat the same exact things everyday, haha).

4. One of my roommate's just ordered this pearl-button plaid skirt for the holidays. I love it!

6. These faux fur mules are perfection and under$100.  I think I need them...
(also love this velvet embroidered pair from the same brand)

8. This chic plaid blazer is 40% off and fabulous! 

10. Chanel opened a new flagship store in New York. Take a peek...

Have a great weekend! As always, thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Trader Joe's is basically my second home! I love their lentils, vanilla cake mix, chocolate fudge sauce, chili lime seasoning, tomato basil soup, and green goddess salad dressing.

    xo, brooke


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