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Life Update

Hi!!!!!! I am finally back after an unexpected break for a few weeks. This semester has been going by so quickly, I feel like I haven't really had a minute to just sit down and relax. Between midterms and three last-minute trips home in the last couple of weeks,  to say I've been busy would be an understatement! I wanted to share a little recap of what I've been up to and where I've been recently.

pictured above: wearing this red sweater that's a current favorite

School this semester has been more challenging than past semesters, but not unbearable. As some of you might remember, I was admitted into the business school this summer, so I'm finally taking classes that are relevant to my major and more interesting to me. Although I'm in five classes and Accounting and Computer Science are much more rigorous than last year's Art History and French classes and other electives, I have to say it's a lot more motivating to succeed when your classes interest you and relate to your major. 

I officially chose a major and decided on Information Systems in the business school! I learned earlier this month that I won't be able to go abroad due to starting my major so late (I would have to take a fifth year if I did), so although I'm bummed out about that, I am very excited that I should still be able to graduate on time.

The Brewer's made it to the NLCS this year and it has been so much fun watching the games and keeping up. My dad is the biggest Red Sox fan, so he's especially excited that they're heading to the World Series! MLB actually reached out to me to go to Game 2 of the Brewers vs. Dodgers in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, and it was such a fun spontaneous day with my mom and two friends. Although the Brewer's ended up losing and won't be going to the World Series, it was still so much fun to have the opportunity to attend a post-season game.

pictured above: wearing ej's camo beanie that I never ever thought I could pull off until she put it on my head and convinced me how cute it is.

Game days here have been so much fun, as usual. We've had a few visitors for the last couple of weekends, so this past week it was nice to have our apartment back to ourselves. This year I am in a four bedroom apartment with three of my best friends, and it could not be better! We all love living together and it honestly makes every single day so much fun. We are in the process of looking at apartments for next year and I am already sad about not living with them after senior year once we graduate!!!!

pictured above: wearing this dress

Two of my roommates are in Delta Gamma, so I went as Celia's date to the DG date party this past Thursday! I went to a couple of the date parties last year too and they're always a good time. It's especially fun for me since I am no longer in a sorority and this way still get to enjoy some of the things I did back when I was in Alpha Phi at Lehigh!

I have been wearing my Doc Marten's nonstop the past couple of weeks. When they first arrived I was a little hesitant how I felt about them, but after breaking them in and then wearing them to a few darties to find out they're basically indestructible, I'm so glad I decided to get them. They actually inspired our apartment to all dress up as goth for Halloween (lol) and I can't wait to style them with an all-black over the top outfit.


What's new with you?! Thank you for reading!


  1. I wanted to study abroad but as I was on track to graduate early, I decided not to spend a year abroad. Instead, I got involved with an archaeological field school in Ireland for two summers, which allowed me to get credits from a university there and live abroad for the summer (I was an Anthropology major). It was a great alternative!

    1. That makes me feel so much better-- I feel like everyone goes abroad for a semester! Doing a summer program sounds amazing!!


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