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My Favorite Ways To Unwind

Thanksgiving break could not be coming at a more perfect time in the semester. After the stress of midterms and just grinding along the last few weeks at school, I am so excited to head out of town for a few days and take some time to relax! Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to unwind at school so when we get back to classes next week we can all have a little reminder to take time for ourselves even as finals approach. Hands down my favorite way to relax is to sink into my new Tempurpedic mattress. It's changed the game for me and has definitely made the amount of time I want to spend in my bed increase dramatically.

Make some tea 

In the fall I love drinking tea before bed. My current favorite is a decaf chai spice tea I found at the grocery store; it's the perfect combination of spicy, sweet, fall flavors. A warm cup of tea just feels so relaxing and calming and it's also a good way to get a little extra hydration before you fall asleep. I go to bed pretty early, so I'm not always tired right away but something about drinking tea just gets me in the mood for sleep and I love that.

Listen to music

I've been listening to so much calming music lately. This is pretty typical for me, but especially lately I've had actual cravings to crawl into my bed when I get home from classes to just listen to good music and relax for a little bit. I do this almost everyday and it always resets my mood and makes me feel better mentally. I think it's so important to take time for yourself not just at night but also throughout the day! Especially in college when you're surrounded by so many people who are busy and have hectic things going on, it's important to take 20-30 minutes in the afternoon for yourself, by yourself, just to relax.

Light a candle

Really, what's better than the ambiance of lighting a candle?! You guys know how much I love candles and I almost always have one burning in my room. Fall candles are my favorite thing ever and they just make me feel so at ease and cozy in my room. When your room smells good and the warmth of a little candle is glowing around you, everything just feels so nice!!

What are your favorite ways to unwind? Thank you to Tempurpedic for the new mattress topper that actually makes me want to stay in my room forever. 

Be sure to check out Tempurpedic's Black Friday promotion! They are having buy one get one free pillows. I have a Tempurpedic pillow on my bed at home and it's my favorite.

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