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Mid-Semester Recap

With the second wave of midterms finally behind me and Thanksgiving just next week, the end of this semester is creeping up so quickly! For the last couple of weeks I have been swamped with exams, papers, and projects in all five of my classes, so I thought it would be nice to do a little life recap now that all of that is behind me. I shared another small recap a few weeks ago, but I think this kind of post is so fun to look back on, so I'm just going to go ahead and do another ;)

The first weekend of November was our last home game (not including the Saturday after Thanksgiving because basically no one will be here) so we went out and made the most of it! It was just cold enough to wear my new favorite furry jacket (from Zara, but very similar here).

I seem to avoid the libraries for as long as possible each semester, and then once I finally make my way inside I get hooked and start treating it like my second home. My favorite library on campus (pictured above) is decked with marble, high ceilings, and infamous green lamps that make studying so aesthetically pleasing. I had three midterms last week and probably spent over 40 hours there throughout the week. Thankfully it's so pretty so it's not that bad to be there all day!

...and how cute! The Starbucks holiday cup matches the lamps!! I actually got way too excited about this and now I have absolutely no excuses to avoid getting a daily latte. Whatever, it's cold.

Side note: has anyone else starting consuming mass amounts of coffee since it's gotten colder?! I've been drinking like three cups everyday this week and I don't know if it's an issue or just seasonal affective disorder...

Speaking of the cold, fall here was so pretty and actually quite mild for Wisconsin. And then, just about a week ago, the temperatures dropped from the fifties and it's freezing now. It was pretty while it lasted though! I tried to take advantage of the nicer weather while it was still here and went on a handful of long runs by the lake. I love the lakeshore path on campus for running so I'm definitely going to miss that in the next few months.

This past weekend was the last Farmer's Market! Madison has a huge Farmer's Market around the Capitol Square every Saturday and it was fun to be able to go again one last time after a lot of morning football games the last couple of weeks.


Hands down, this semester has been the best one yet. I'm already getting sad that it's almost over! Like I mentioned in this post, this semester was pretty challenging academically (especially my computer science and accounting classes... those are kind of killing me), but living with my three best friends and just being overall in a really good place the last few months has been a wonderful feeling.

I'm flying out to Boston for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and I can't wait! When I get back there are only two weeks of classes left before finals and then winter break. 

What has your semester looked like?!


  1. your library looks like a dream! also, for running - I recently ran a half marathon in 17 degree weather and found myself warming up by the first mile. a HUGE thing that helped me was wearing latex gloves (like from the doctor's office) under a pair of cheap knit gloves from target. my hands stayed warm the entire time!

    1. omg congratulations!! that is such a good idea, i never would have thought of that! thank you!


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