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I'm Alive!

I know it's been a while since I have not only posted on my blog, but actually been fully engaged in all of my platforms and up-to-date. I apologize for spontaneously falling off the face of the earth sometimes, because I really do appreciate having actual people out there who are willing to read my writing, follow along on my platforms, like my photos, comment on my content, and overall just support my little spot in the blogging community. Of course, there are always excuses... so let me just update you all on what I have been up to!

Part III: My Second Weekend in New York

Okay... this is it, I promise. I didn't intend for this trip to get split up into three separate recaps (Part I here + Part II here) but I just crammed so much into my 10 days in New York that I didn't want to leave anything out!

This Week's Top 10: Life Update

1. This week started off a little rocky for me but has since turned around! I went to dinner with my best girlfriends last night to say goodbye to Carin before she heads back to school today. Tonight I have another round of dinner plans with my "boss" from the wedding invitation store I've worked at since my junior year of high school./ Notice I use boss loosely... she's more like a best friend who just happened to give me a job ;)

2. On Tuesday afternoon I made a sort-of impulse decision that I am really excited about. I signed up for CHAARG, which is a health/fitness community at a bunch of universities across the country where girls motivate and encourage each other to stay fit, eat healthy, and work towards their goals! I have been running a ton this week already just by having extra motivation to work out. I am so excited to attend meetings and CHAARG events this semester to come. I think it's just another great way that I'll be able to meet new people and make friends at University of Wisconsin this year!

The Perfect Backpack

I get a lot of questions every year about what backpack I used, backpacks I have used, where to find a good backpack, etc. I think the biggest dilemma with girls in high school, college, and even middle school is trying to decide between using a backpack or a tote bag for carrying around books. Let's be real: what we all want is the practicality of a backpack with the look of a tote bag... something that is functional but still looks cute. So, what about a backpack that is cute? Hard to imagine, right? 

New York Recap: Part II

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I was at work this morning when the power went out, so I had a little bit of a break in my morning to get this post up since I didn't have time to last night. Although I am technically working "remotely" right now, a lot of the stuff I have to work on can't be accessed on outside computers (something we maybe should have looked into before now, ha). Anyways, here is Part II of my trip recap to New York two weeks ago. If you missed Part I, you can read that here!

New York Recap: Part I

I am so excited to recap the first half of my trip to New York! I went on a huge trip last summer for Rhode Island, Maine, and New York and never got around to recapping it, so I wanted to be sure to do that this time around... This year alone I have recapped my trips to Vermont, Miami, and Easter in New York and I have been recapping almost all of my vacations in the past few years on this blog. If anything, it's a useful travel guide for any of you and a fun memory to me!

Back-to-School Agenda Guide

Okay, the best thing happened when I went to write this post.  I was at Target a few days ago looking at agendas/planners and decided I wanted to talk about the ones I have used in the past and how I liked them. I was scrolling through my drafted posts when I saw the title, "Shopping for the Perfect Agenda" in my feed. As I clicked into this post, I already had a snippet of an intro paragraph written out from 2014 when I drafted it. Omg, it's so cute:

This Week's Top 10

1. Today is my UW orientation, I move in a week from tomorrow, and my birthday is a week from Sunday. Things are getting crazy busy around here! I feel like I can barely keep up.. overwhelmed is an understatement! How are you guys doing with the tail end of summer? 

2. You guys are so sweet and left such kind comments on Monday's post. Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels this way!

3. I shared a new outfit on the blog yesterday evening... here it is in case you missed it!

Denim Dress and Greenery


Thank you all for your kind feedback and heartfelt responses, comments, and emails regarding my post on Monday! I apologize for not posting the past few days, but I think we all have been in that post-vacation craze before... lots to catch up on, do, see, accomplish, etc. My trip to New York was fantastic, but I am happy to be home and back into a routine. I am excited about some back-to-school things that I will be sharing soon on the blog, including outfits, collaborations, and more, so stay tuned! For now, I want to share an outfit that I have been loving lately for my Internship (more internship outfits here!); I think I have already worn this dress twice and I can't get enough!

Style Confessions

As a blogger, I think it's easy to make a platform look like your life is fabulous, beautiful, and perfect in every way. I mean, we have access to unlimited photo editing apps and flower shops and coffee shops and if you're in need of a new Instagram photo then why not buy a cup of coffee and take a picture of your brew over cute shoes? Really, it can be that easy. But is it?

This Week's Top 10

1. My trip to New York has been nothing short of fabulous thus far! I arrived last Friday and I am leaving this Sunday. It has been the perfect amount of time to do everything I want and everything that I enjoy doing in the city, but also just enough time to make me want to head back home at the end of it all. By far the best parts have been reuniting with my best friend from Lehigh (pictured above) and celebrating my Dad's birthday at the Polo bar. A full recap to come!

2. I wore the shirt above to the Kings of Leon concert on Tuesday night and got so many compliments; I love it!

3. I also have been wearing these shorts non-stop, and they are so incredibly comfortable since I sized up... like, I'm probably never gonna take them off until I've worn them down to threads.

My Apartment Bedroom Vision

I have always been strongly fond of my birth date. Late August, when summer is perfectly ripe, just before the reality kicks in of back-to-school duties... it's my favorite time of year. Let's be honest: we all feel like summer rushes by us every single year, and the last few weeks are regularly, at least for me, the most memorable. Of course I relish in the crisp months of September and October (changing leaves in Wisconsin, layers of neutral sweaters and cozy jackets paired with leather boots), but in my mind I'm an August girl at heart. If you're wondering where I'm going with this: my birth month is the ultimate inspiration behind how I am choosing to decorate my first apartment this year.