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This Week's Top 10: Life Update

1. This week started off a little rocky for me but has since turned around! I went to dinner with my best girlfriends last night to say goodbye to Carin before she heads back to school today. Tonight I have another round of dinner plans with my "boss" from the wedding invitation store I've worked at since my junior year of high school./ Notice I use boss loosely... she's more like a best friend who just happened to give me a job ;)

2. On Tuesday afternoon I made a sort-of impulse decision that I am really excited about. I signed up for CHAARG, which is a health/fitness community at a bunch of universities across the country where girls motivate and encourage each other to stay fit, eat healthy, and work towards their goals! I have been running a ton this week already just by having extra motivation to work out. I am so excited to attend meetings and CHAARG events this semester to come. I think it's just another great way that I'll be able to meet new people and make friends at University of Wisconsin this year!

3. Speaking of UW, it's crazy that I'm off to school in just a week from today! Classes don't start for almost three more weeks, but I have to go back early to prep for sorority recruitment. In case you missed it, here is my back-to-school agenda guide, and my backpack that I love and plan to use. I am so excited to meet the girls of my new sorority at UW and I am so lucky that I had such a smooth transfer process from the Alpha Phi chapter at Lehigh to the Alpha Phi chapter at Wisconsin.

6. 20 meals you can prep on Sunday! I am definitely going to use this for inspiration once I move into my apartment.... which, by the way, I am doing tomorrow!!! How has this rolled up so quickly?!

7. More plans for the weekend: my birthday is this Sunday! (does anyone else think 19 is kind of an irrelevant age?) and I am planning to go to Chicago with some girlfriends and make it back for a seafood dinner at my favorite spot on the water with my mom.

8. I recapped my trip to New York on the blog this week: part one can be found here (hamptons! concert with my lehigh best friend!) and part two can be found here (explains my love for the Polo Bar)

10. Summer has gone so quickly. Move-in tomorrow, my birthday Sunday... what a fast three months it has been! How are you spending one of these last summer weekends?



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