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I'm Alive!

I know it's been a while since I have not only posted on my blog, but actually been fully engaged in all of my platforms and up-to-date. I apologize for spontaneously falling off the face of the earth sometimes, because I really do appreciate having actual people out there who are willing to read my writing, follow along on my platforms, like my photos, comment on my content, and overall just support my little spot in the blogging community. Of course, there are always excuses... so let me just update you all on what I have been up to!

Last Sunday I celebrated my 19th birthday, which was a bittersweet one as I have so many fond memories of my birthday celebration last year when I celebrated with the company of some important people in my life. Of course, I still am so grateful for my mom because she spent the whole day with me this year and treated me to dinner at my favorite Milwaukee lakefront restaurant. Not trying to be too vague here... sorry ;) moving on!

I wrapped up my internship at my high school on Wednesday, where I spent my entire summer building a brand new website for the institution. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and a huge learning opportunity, so I am truly grateful for all of the amazing people I got to reconnect with and work with! I left the following day, Thursday, for school after heading into my internship for just an hour in the afternoon to give the website launch presentation.

Since I have been here at UW I have been alone in my apartment (my roomies finally move in today!), but I was reading Big Little Lies and finished last night, so cruising through that 500-pager kept me pretty busy. Each day from 10am to about 4pm I have been at the Alpha Phi house preparing for recruitment that takes place starting this coming Saturday! I was so excited that I could transfer into Alpha Phi at Wisconsin because I knew it would be a great opportunity to meet people right off the bat and feel a little more a part of something at such a big, new school.

Thursday will mark an official full week of being at UW, so I'm pretty excited that recruitment starts soon and classes next Wednesday the 6. As much ~fun~ as it is to be at the house every day, it's pretty draining and has sucked me out of any sort of routine I'd established this summer. I just want to kind of jump right in to classes and real life as a UW student so I can get on a routine again!

How's the beginning of the school year going for everyone else?


  1. I have just started classes at UNC Chapel Hill and it is definitely a new experience!! Good luck on your new adventure!


  2. Oh the sweet but tiring life of recruitment work week. Best of luck to you Frannie! Just finished up ours two weeks ago for Alpha Chi Omega at KU and I totally feel your pain! Bid day is SO worth it :)
    xoxo, Ally


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